Police Chase Suspends Golf Event Down Under


SYDNEY, Australia -- Golfers at the New South Wales amateur championship had to deal with a different type of hazard -- a stolen truck crashed on to the course, forcing play to be suspended while police chased an armed man.
The incident happened midway through Sunday's second round at Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club when a man who had allegedly held up a supermarket rammed through a fence and onto a fairway. Scattering players, he drove into a bunker before becoming stuck.
The man, brandishing a shotgun and holding a bag, then fled into a nearby unoccupied house.
As police helicopters hovered overhead and 25 police cars rushed onto the course, a two-hour siege developed before the man surrendered.
Alex Johnston, the New South Wales Golf Association's director of golf, said Monday that players on the fifth tee noticed a truck heading toward the course at high speed.
'[He] drove a truck down a laneway and straight through a fence onto the sixth hole,' Johnston said.
'He burst through a few bunkers back toward the tee around the fifth green where a couple of our players were putting out. He jumped out of the truck and ran off with his bag and his shotgun with the police chasing him. He went through the window of a house beside the course.
'A siege situation was created and we had to suspend play because the police closed off a perimeter.'
Johnston said some players had to complete their rounds out of order.
'He was finally arrested about 2 hours later, but we had four groups stuck on the sixth hole who couldn't play because the police said it was now established as a crime scene,'' Johnston said.
'Under the rules, we let them play holes out of sequence. When they couldn't tell us when the other holes would be cleared, we decided to let them play two like holes.'
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