Relatively Lucky Cousins Shoot Back-To-Back Aces


Ruthie MacDonald has been golfing for more than two decades and she's never seen anything like it. It's a good bet she probably never will again. MacDonald and her cousin, Joanie Villecco, each carded a hole-in-one on consecutive shots Wednesday morning in the Chenango Valley State Park Women's Golf Association league.
Villecco went first, and she knocked her 9-iron tee shot into the hole on the downhill 115-yard third hole at Chenango Valley State Park Golf Course. The shot landed just short of the green, rolled toward the hole and banked in off the pin.
'We were all excited. It was her first one. We were just jumping up and down, congratulating, hugging,' MacDonald said Thursday. 'On that hole, you're looking down. It was so plain to see.'
Once the celebration subsided, it was MacDonald's turn to hit.
'The glory was all over. I got up there and didn't think anything about it,' said McDonald, who hit a 7-iron and then stared again in disbelief. 'I just swatted the ball, down it went, bounced twice, hit the pin and went in. We just couldn't believe it.'
So much for that 15 minutes of fame.
'I stepped up, hit a really nice ball, and you're kind of shocked,' Villecco said. 'Everybody else is going nuts. She doesn't even take a practice swing. I said, `I had five seconds of glory.' It was like crazy. One girl was shaking. You'd of thought she had the hole-in-one.'
'We started screaming,' McDonald said. 'They could hear us all over the course. To have it happen twice like that is just a miracle.'
Just about. According to Golf Digest, the odds are 17 million-to-1 for two players in the same foursome to hit a hole-in-one on the same hole.
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