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Editor's Note: Brett Quigley comes from a rich golfing tradition in Rhode Island. At age 37, he qualified for his first Masters this year, only to have his week interrupted when he flew home to Florida on Wednesday as his wife, Amy, gave birth to their first child, Lillian Augusta Quigley. He shot 76-76 the first two rounds and didn't find out until later he had made the cut. He shot a 79 in the third round Saturday and posted a final-round 75.
AUGUSTA, Ga. -- This has been the best week of my life. The birth of a healthy baby, my wife's great, my first Masters, I got to do it with my father as my caddie. And I made an eagle today and got some crystal.
So it was a pretty darn good week.
Everything about this place -- the golf course, the fans, the people, the clubhouse -- everything about it, and obviously the birth of my child, it beat all my expectations.
I just love being on the 15th green or walking down the 15th hole there to the 15th green because you can see 16, you see all the azaleas, you see all the people behind 16. To me that's the epitome of Augusta and the Masters.
The golf course was way harder than I thought it would be, as far as difficulty around the greens. It's a great golf course tee to green -- you have to hit a lot of great shots -- but you can hit good shots into the greens and have a difficult time making a par.
I wanted to make an eagle all week. That's all the players talk about is getting crystal here. Certainly in the position I was in, 19 over, I wasn't really contending, so it was nice to get some crystal and have a memento from it.
I hit a great tee shot on 13 and hit a great second shot about 20 feet behind the hole. It was just an incredibly fast putt, and somehow the putt went dead center. And I was very thankful it did.
After every round, I went home and charted my round and wrote some spots where you just can't hit it and where you need to be in certain positions on the greens. Even today there were a couple of spots you just can't play golf from, you can't make a par from. You're going to make a bogey and sometimes a double.
I'm going to put that in writing and try to commit that to memory so I have something to draw on.
I'm going to probably take a week straight off and not play, and then I really think it'll be nice to have two weeks to practice. Just to kind of gather my thoughts and get ready for a nice stretch there with Wachovia, The Players Championship, the BellSouth Classic and Colonial.
So it's a nice stretch of tournaments coming up, and I can start to get focused on winning a golf tournament.
I was definitely calmer this week, but almost not quite as competitive. I think I need a little bit of an edge to really be focused out there.
Today it's hit me again that I'm going home to see my daughter and my wife. I hit a great tee shot on 18, and the hospital ID bracelet just kind of took a digger out of my hand on both sides of the bracelet. It just reminded me that I get to go home and see them.
I'm flying home as soon as I pack up my locker. Hopefully I'll be home by 5. Amy came home last night, and she's doing well, and the baby did well last night. So I'm excited. I can't wait to do the diaper tonight.
Normally after a major or a big tournament, Sunday night's a tough night. But I'm actually pretty amped up and ready to go home. I'm excited to see Lily and Amy.
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