Rookie Diary Rookie at the Masters Fatherhood


Editor's Note: Masters first-timer Brett Quigley is writing a rookie diary this week for the Associated Press.
AUGUSTA, Ga. -- This was probably the biggest day of my life -- the last two days. Careerwise, golfwise, definitely on the first tee, that was it for me. It was just a great feeling to finally get it done, to finally be here.
We walked off the first tee, and I said to my dad, `We're at the Masters.' Walking down 11, when I got to the bag where my dad was, I said, `What a spot.' Just to be inside the ropes, to come here for so long and watch people play and then be inside the ropes playing, was an unbelievable feeling.
It's hard to believe I was just there a day ago, at the hospital with Amy and Lilly. I had a hard time leaving. It's amazing that you could love something so much.
Looking at it today, I can see it was obviously the right decision for me and for Amy, and I'm certainly glad she urged me to come back.
I feel fine. I didn't sleep at all Tuesday night, and I had a pretty good night last night, pretty solid. But I had some pretty good adrenaline out there.
It's funny, I didn't have the same intensity at all today that I normally would. I was just -- I hate to say happy, but I was way happier than you normally are on the first tee as far as what you're going through and what your emotions are as far as being prepared to play golf. I just wasn't completely focused, obviously, and that's a good thing.
There were probably five or six times out there today I was just fighting back tears, thinking about Amy and Lilly. I had pictures of the two of them ... they were in my yardage book all day. I still have my bracelet on. It says `Quigley, Amy. Female.' It's awesome.
I had a bunch of friends out there today and everybody was so supportive and so great. All day people were saying, `Congratulations.' It was just a great day. I only shot 4-over 76, but the score was the least important thing out there today.
I can't believe how hard the golf course is. That's the thing that surprises me the most. Truly. The greens being that difficult. It seems like I always remember guys shooting low scores, and obviously they've done some pretty good stuff making it difficult. But it's good. It's just tough and fair.
The scores weren't real low in the afternoon, but I never really thought about it. I was just kind of going out there, hitting shots and having fun with my dad and Vijay and just playing golf.
I think tomorrow will be a great day. It's an earlier tee time for me, and I'm more of a morning person anyway. I think I'll have some intensity back and some good focus.
When I call Amy tonight, I'll just tell her it was a great day. It's just unbelievable how fortunate we are.
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