Rookie Diary Youll See Players Look Silly


Editor's Note: Brett Quigley comes from a rich golfing tradition in Rhode Island. At age 37, he qualified for his first Masters this year, only to have his week interrupted when he flew home to Florida on Wednesday as his wife, Amy, gave birth to their first child, Lillian Augusta Quigley. He shot 76-76 the first two rounds and didn't find out until later he had made the cut. He shot a 79 in the third round Saturday.
AUGUSTA, Ga. -- I'm not complaining, but it figures that I would make the cut now -- just when I really wanted to go home.
I had 15 people glued to the TV, cheering and moaning the whole three hours the coverage was on. I was in the back of the room, goofing around, but I could tell what was going on with everyone screaming.
It would have been a blessing either way. Certainly, I'm glad I'm here, and I'm excited to go home and see Lilly and Amy.
I played great up until I made a sloppy bogey on No. 11 and a bad tee shot on No. 12, and I didn't get it back from there. I was only 2 over for the day, and I thought if I could get back to even, it would be a pretty darn good score.
The wind is starting to blow and conditions are difficult today.
On No. 12, it was just a nice 9-iron from about 151 yards. The wind should have been right-to-left and a little in, and it blew mine left-to-right and one-hopped right in the water. Perfect. I made a great up-and-down for bogey.
That tee shot is amazing. You can stand there and look at the flag at 11, and look at the flag at 12 and it's blowing another direction. You know you have to hit a solid shot, but it's so easy to hit into that back bunker.
On No. 14, I hit it left, chipped it out, hit it over the green and three-putted. It happens quick out here if you're sloppy at all. I tried to cheat the left side too much, then hit a bad chip out.
Sandy Lyle five-putted No. 16. It took me three times to add up what he made.
I was talking to Sandy a bunch about the golf course, what it was like when he played. He hit 1-iron into the bunker on No. 18, and today we hit driver and didn't even think about that bunker. The golf course, it seems to me, never played this firm. Now we have that firmness, and it's as hard as you want.
Sandy said whoever wins this week will be a true champion because he'll go through all the emotions. Everyone will have their spells when things go bad, and it's how you react to it.
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