Sunday Play in State Amateur a Problem in Utah


OGDEN, Utah -- Participants in next month's Utah State Amateur golf tournament will have to declare whether they'll play in the Sunday championship round, should they make it that far.
If they say they will not play on Sunday, then they may be replaced in match play.
Organizers of the July 6-10 tournament at Wolf Creek Resort in Eden want no repeat of last year's event, in which Todd Miller, son of former PGA player and TV golf analyst Johnny Miller, conceded the title to Clark Rustand rather than play on a Sunday.
'What I do on Sundays is more important than golf,' Todd Miller, a returned Mormon missionary and Sunday school teacher, said at the time.
He later apologized to the Utah Golf Association, former champions, tournament officials and Rustand for not declaring earlier that he would not play on Sunday.
Worried that Sunday play could become an issue again, tournament officials have added a clause to the State Amateur entry form. The clause requires players to declare before match play -- which begins on Friday following stroke play rounds on Wednesday and Thursday -- if they cannot finish the tournament.
If it is a player's intention to not complete the event, the State Am board can remove him from the match play field of 32 and replace him with the next qualifying player.
'Regardless of what happened last year, this tournament has not been damaged. It will go on forever,' said Joe Watts, executive director of the Utah Golf Association. 'We have moved on.'
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