Two Players Two Shots Two Holes-In-One


EL PASO, Texas -- It was a 17-million-to-1 shot -- actually shots -- when an El Paso man and a player in his group each aced the same hole.
Randy Massey hit his first ever hole-in-one with an 8-iron from 130 yards on the eighth hole at Painted Dunes Desert Golf Course. Then his step-mother, Terry Massey, followed with her first ace. According to Golf Digest magazine, the odds of two players in a foursome acing the same hole are 17 million to 1.
Everyone saw Randy Massey's shot go in, but they didn't realize Terri Massey's shot also went in until they reached the green and saw two golf balls in the cup.
'It was just a weird deal,' Randy Massey said.
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