US LPGA announces trimmed 24-event schedule


HOUSTON (AP)—The U.S. LPGA Tour announced a 2010 schedule with 24 tournaments— 13 of them in the United States—on Wednesday to give the tour its smallestschedule in nearly 40 years.

The LPGA Championship, the oldest among the four majors, will be merged withan existing tournament outside Rochester, New York, with grocery chain Wegmansserving as a presenting sponsor.

Prize money from three tournaments has not been announced.

The U.S. LPGA Tour ends its season this week with its 27th tournament, afterstarting 2009 with a 31-event schedule. This is the fewest number of tournamentssince there were 21 events in 1971.

The 2010 season starts in Thailand on Feb. 18, with the first tournament inthe United States on March 25 at La Costa, California.