Westwood in the clear over blood clot fears


VERSAILLES, France – England’s Lee Westwood survived a potentially serious health scare Wednesday on the eve of the French Open.

After complaining of a swelling in his right calf and ankle, the third-ranked player was advised by a French doctor in Versailles that he might have a blood clot in the calf or, specifically, deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

However, after being rushed to hospital, Westwood, who pulled out of Wednesday’s pro-am event at the last minute, was told he was probably suffering a reaction to the current heat wave in France.

Westwood, 37, was to be released from hospital and was hopeful he would be able to play in the $4 million French Open, which begins Thursday.

His spokesman, Stuart Cage, said: “The doctor has decided there is no DVT or blood clot and that the problem he has is something to do with a reaction to the heat.

“Lee is going to have an anti-inflammatory dressing put on the muscle and if he rests up tonight then hopefully the swelling will go down and he will be able to play tomorrow.

“He is certainly going to go to the course in the morning and will make a decision then.”

It means Westwood will likely be fit for the British Open at St Andrews, which starts July 15.