Womens Australian Open Scrapped


SYDNEY, Australia -- The Women's Australian Open golf tournament has been scrapped from its scheduled dates in February 2005 due to a lack of television broadcaster, officials said Wednesday.
The 2005 women's Open was to be played at Royal Sydney Golf Club from Feb. 17-20. But Women's Golf Australia said the men's Jacob's Creek Open, a tournament on the Australasian and Nationwide tours, scheduled the same week left the women's event with no television coverage.
There are five television networks in Australia, all of which have carried golf tournaments in the past. The 2004 Women's Australian Open was won by Laura Davies of England in the first week of March.
Women's Golf Australia is negotiating to reschedule the event to late 2005 or early 2006, said Maisie Mooney, the group's chief executive.
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