Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 7: Show Insight


We are back for another week with one of my favorite Big Breakers, Sara Brown! We teamed up to break down this week’s gossip worthy events.

Sara, before we get into the show, tell us what you’ve been up to! 

Sara Brown: I co-host School of Golf on Golf Channel with Martin Hall and am LOVING it!!! I am a very competitive person and do not ever want to stop playing golf, but i think this year will be a less aggressive schedule than it has been in past years. I will still be competing and playing, along with working alongside Martin here at Golf Channel :)

That’ so great to hear everything is going so well! I’m sure our Big Break viewers are loving watching you back in the spotlight! Okay…back to the show…


Immunity Challenge 1:

At the beginning of the day, the remaining players were given $500 cash. Each player had to call out a player to go head-to-head in a closest to the pin contest. Each winning player kept the other player’s money. The process was repeated until one player ended up with the entire $3,500 pot! I love when the producers bring out the gambling!

Sara, what would be your strategy when picking your first matchup?

Sara Brown: Ultimately you have to get through the whole cast if you want the $3,500 cash prize. I guess I would start with who I thought I could beat.  Kind of like Charlie picking Emily because he knew she was in between clubs for that shot. That’s the fun of Big Break because you have been spending so much time with everyone, you start to know their games. It looks like it paid off for Charlie in this challenge!!!

I agree, you have to beat the best to walk away with the $3,500, but you definitely can be smart about who you pick first. Charlie and Christian played their way into the final matchup. In the end, Charlie’s thought-out strategy and consistent play helped him walk away with some cash in his pocket and a guaranteed spot in week 8. Great job…AGAIN Charlie!


Immunity Challenge 2:

In the second challenge, the player’s accuracy off the tee was measured. Each player had two tee shots to see how close they could hit it to the center line. The catch was the boys had to hit it a minimum of 230 yards and the girls had to hit their shots a minimum of 200 yards. The two players to hit it the closest to the center line would win immunity. While the winner of the challenge would also pocket $2,500 in travel credit from Travelocity!

Sara, what was your initial thought of Anthony pulling 2-iron?

Sara Brown: WHO HAS A 2-IRON haha, no but really I wasn't shocked he went for an iron. He even said his driver wasn't the most accurate.  I’m sure everyone had the fear he wouldn't be able to hit it the minimum yardage of 230. Weren’t we surprised! I mean he did swing outta his shoes, but i think Toph said it best, “In the closest to the pin challenge, only one person hit it 5 feet from the hole, but Anthony was able to hit a 2 IRON 5 feet from the middle of the fairway…  Pretty impressive!”

Anthony, continues to impress me week after week!  A big key to success, is knowing your game. For him to have the confidence to pull a 2 iron, than proceed to hit it a few feet from the center line was impressive!

We saw another interesting play from Christian. He pulled 3-wood on both shots and both times hit a HUGE duck hook! Those shots single handedly sent him into elimination. When golfers get nervous, they often get fast with their swing. This causes the arms to speed ahead of the hips, resulting in a closed club face and the dreaded left shot.

Anthony ended up the closest at 5’8” from the center line. Tessa also found herself immune, hitting it center cut at 5’11”.

Elimination Challenge:

Emily seemed confident that Christian would not choose her, due to her length and current strength of her game. Speaking of having game, she just recently won the Arizona Women’s Open!! This was her biggest pay check in her professional career and her 4th win!

Sara, do you think Big Break has played a role in her success?

Sara Brown: She is so good…and YES YES YES! Absolutely Big Break has helped! The pressure you feel on Big Break is nothing compared to any pressure you have felt before. I think when put in tournament situations, there is pressure. But you are able to control it better and come out on top…as Emily has proven by winning 4 times in a few months as a pro! My Dad Mike Brown owns/runs the Cactus Tour that puts on the  AZ Women’s Open. He said Emily was nothing but a class act and a great competitor. I am really looking forward to the rest of this Big Break season and seeing how far she gets!!!

Emily was right, as Christian ended up picking Jimmy for elimination. We saw some great shots from Christian throughout this show, but today just wasn’t his day. 

Sara, why do you think Christian kept pulling 3-wood when he duck hooked two already in the immunity challenge?

Sara Brown: Kelly, WOW honest I HAVE NO IDEA. I would definitely have kept that club in my bag and not taken it out in elimination…but as golfers, we are constantly trying to fight the mental side of ourselves. So maybe Christian was really confident with that club and though he could pull it off. However, you would never see me hitting a club i know i have been duck hooking all day on a dogleg left par 4 with a hazard down the left side…YIKES!!! I just think it was a mistake and that sadly cost him his time on the show :(

Sara – being a Big Break veteran, what words of encouragement do you have for Christian as his Big Break journey is over?

Sara Brown: Christian you are amazing!!! I greatly enjoyed your demeanor and your drive to succeed. The line you gave when you said, “It’s not win or lose its win or learn”.  That was AWESOME!!! Keep that mindset and you will be so successful on and off the golf course my friend! Welcome to the Big Break family, you have already made us proud and I cannot wait to see all of the great things that you do in the coming years!!! Best of Luck :)

The cast is slowly dwindling down. Sara, out of the remaining players, who do you think has the advantage?

Sara Brown: I think that the remaining players are all great. If i were to pick, I would say the best player to this point is Charlie. For the girls Emily is a pretty tough competitor but so is Tessa, so I don't know who I would pick between those two. On the other hand, I would say Jimmy is the weakest. That’s not to say I don't think he is good or anything but he just hasn't been winning any challenges and seems to be really hard on himself. On Big Break, the added pressure you put on yourself is never a good thing. Those weeks are hard enough without having any confidence, so i can’t wait to see what Jimmy does in the coming weeks.

Final question, with only two girls left, would you try to stick together and take out the boys?

Sara Brown: Again you have to beat everyone to win Big Break. You also need that person you can hang out with when the day is over and the cameras are off. Since there are only two girls left, I think we will see them try to take the guys out if they are sent to elimination.  I also think the boys will be gunning for the girls as well because they may think they are the weakest link. But these two girls can play, so watch out boys!! :)

Sara, thank you so much for joining me this week! I thoroughly enjoyed your insight! Until next week!