Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 8: Show Insight


I can’t believe it’s already week 8! The season is flying by and only 6 people are left.

 Immunity Challenge 1

Jumping right in, this week the producers introduced a new challenge called the limbo wall. The contestants had to hit a 57 yard shot underneath a wall while trying to get as close as possible to the pin. However, the players had to predict how close their ball would end up in relation to the pin. The player who predicts the shortest distance and is successful would win immunity and a $2,500 car rental credit courtesy of Avis! I love these types of challenges because you can see where their confidence lies in their own game.

 Surprisingly Charlie had the highest bid of 22’. It seems like he just thought the shot was tough and wanted to successfully hit his distance…which he easily did. He has clearly been the best player up to this point, so I was very shocked to see the conservative play here. Emily and Anthony continued their steady play and successfully hit their shots within their distance. Tessa and Toph failed to hit their mark, leaving the gate wide open for Jimmy. Jimmy has been flying under the radar a bit, but shockingly made a bold prediction of 8’. Really?! What does he do?! He hits it inside his mark to claim the first immunity and the $2,500! This was huge! Maybe this win will give him the confidence he needs to go all the way!

 The remaining 5 players went back to that same position to hit the same shot again. Same rules and the closest successful prediction would win the second immunity of the day. Charlie, Anthony, Tessa and Toph all predicted 9’ and Emily predicted 8’. What are the odds?! Charlie and Toph were the only players to successfully hit their distance….sending them into a playoff! Charlie completely mishit his shot, barely making it to the green…with his ball finishing an unimpressive 76’ away from the hole. All Toph had to do from here was pretty much just make contact. Toph got it done, advancing to next week, but it wasn’t very pretty. Sometimes this is the hardest shot in golf, when you only have to hit the green, or you only have to two putt. As athletes, we are conditioned to strive for the best and set high standards. When those standards drastically and suddenly get lower; it can be difficult to remain focused. It’s vital to keep your eyes on your game plan and stick to it.

 Jimmy and Toph spent their relaxing afternoon in paradise where they enjoyed a guided Jet Ski tour off the coast of Myrtle Beach courtesy of Marina Inn at Grande Dunes. Well that’s a nice way to spend the afternoon!


Immunity Challenge 2

In this second immunity, the players had to hit into point circles from 3 different locations. From each location, they would hit two shots, but only 2 of the 3 locations would count. Before moving onto the next location, they would have to choose whether to keep the score from that location, or throw it out. The player with the highest point total would win immunity and $2,500 via Macanudo and the player with the least points would head straight to elimination.

 The first location was a straightforward 120-yard shot. Tessa hit first, posting 6 points and decided to keep it. She said she likes being first. This is a great mindset to have as many players would feel the exact opposite! Emily also posted 6 points, deciding to keep it and Anthony posted 4, but threw it out. Charlie came in with the least amount of points at 3 and decided to keep it! WHAT?! Why in the world would he keep such a low score? I don’t understand his thought process here, especially since he’s been playing so solid! In Big Break it’s important to know when to be conservative and when to be aggressive. However, whenever players start to think too much, it’s very easy to become too conservative! I hope he keeps this in check, so he can continue with his recent success.

 The second Location was from 85 yards. Tessa threw out a 4 point total and Emily put up a strong performance of 7. Charlie posted 7 and decided to keep it…again! I just don’t get it! He locked in his 10 point total and has no chance to win. He is playing defensive and trying not to lose instead of trying to win. You never know, maybe he just doesn’t like 40-yard bunker shots.  Since Anthony threw out the first score, he was forced to take the last two scores and he posted a solid 6 in location 2.

 The final location was an awkward 40 yard bunker shot. Tessa posted 3 points and sailed her second shot over the green. This sealed in her total points at 9. Anthony’s first bunker shot gave him 3 points as well. He then found himself with an extremely important shot in front of him. If he hits the green he will be tied for last, but if he hits it in the 5 point circle he wins immunity. He pulled off an amazing shot under the pressure and stuck the difficult shot into the 3 point circle.

 Emily won immunity and $2,500 courtesy of Macanudo. She is always so poised and always thankful. Love this!! Tessa unfortunately found herself in the last position and will be heading straight to elimination.

 Charlie again decides to hold off on using his super immunity and gets chosen by Tessa! The entire day he’s been so conservative and playing not to lose. But when it comes to staying out of elimination, his conservative play was thrown out the window. He did play Tessa back in episode 1 to capture the Super Immunity. Maybe he thought he could beat her again if chosen.


Elimination Challenge:

Tessa ended up choosing Charlie over Anthony. Both players have been solid throughout, but Anthony has dominated the elimination challenges. It was interesting because it seemed like Anthony wanted to be picked! You could tell he wanted to play! I like that!

 The first hole was a par 5 that played 539 yards for Charlie and 449 yards for Tessa. Charlie hit his drive down the middle and Tessa hit her drive into the left hand rough. Charlie layed up short of the green and hit his chip to tap in range for his birdie.  Tessa had a tough lie but managed to lay it up to 77 yards. She hit an awesome approach to 7’ just past the hole. She came right up and out of her putt and consequently missed her birdie right. This is so easy to do! Remember on pressure packed putts to stay committed to your routine and keep that head down!

 The second hole was a 401 yard par 4 for Charlie and 329 yards for Tessa. Charlie played it safe and hit an iron off the tee, but managed to pull it into the waste bunker! That has to be the worst, when you intend to play smart but it backfires! Tessa hit her drive safely into the left rough. Charlie had a 154-yard bunker shot from a chunky side hill lie. He rose to the occasion and hit it to 20 feet! He said this was one of the best shots he has ever hit under pressure. Now that’s saying something! Tessa matched his great shot from 128 yards to just outside Charlie’s ball.

 She had 18 feet for birdie and she knew this was a must make! She made a good stroke but barely missed it to the right. She finished the two holes at even par. But that wasn’t good enough. Charlie missed his birdie and tapped in for par, finishing the 2 holes at 1 under.

 This is such a great testament to how talented these players are. From the first episode we’ve seen incredible golf! In order for the remaining players to stay around, they will need to continue to elevate their games each week.

 I’m sad to see Tessa go. She has a phenomenal attitude and I think she will go quite far in the game. With Emily being the only girl left in the competition, I’m looking forward to routing her on! She is one tough player and my money is on her to win it all.

 Keep in mind that If Charlie can make it through one more week without using his super immunity he will win $10,000! I think as long as he plays to win…and not play to lose, he should advance no problem.

 The battle is heating up!