Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 9: Show Insight


We are now down to one, one girl that is. Emily is one tough competitor and if any girl can take out all the boys it’s her.

This is also the last week Charlie has to get through without using his super immunity in order to pocket the $10,000!

Immunity Challenge 1

In this first challenge, the players had to hit from 4 different locations. The player closest to the hole in each of the first 3 locations, move on to the 4th and final location. The player who ends up closest at that 4th location will win immunity and $3,000 courtesy of Macanudo!

 The first location was a 100’ triple breaking putt. Jimmy started it off strong hitting his putt to 3’10. However, Emily took the wind out of his sail very quickly, as she hit her putt to 7”. From 100’…that’s incredible!!! No one could compare to that impressive distance and just like that, Emily is onto the final location! What struck a chord with me was what Anthony said next. He said Emily’s putt was absolutely lucky! Wait…really, how do you call that lucky? All I saw was an extremely talented golfer hit a great putt!

 Anthony, we will agree to disagree!

 The second location was a tricky downhill pitch shot. Jimmy hit first and wasn’t going to get bested twice. He made the chip look easy and hit it to 4”! Everyone else had no chance, and came up well short. We now have our second contender…great job Jimmy!

 The third location was a 32-yard shot over the retaining rock wall. Toph hit first and almost made it, with his ball finishing a mere 2” from the hole. Again, the first shot was by far the best. Anthony hit his chip to 11’5” and said that Toph was completely lucky. It seems like he is deeming everyone lucky when they hit a great shot. Maybe you should stop making excuses and give credit where credit is due!

 I can’t believe how top notch the play has been this week. Each player who won the first 3 locations rocked it, with all shots inside 7”!!  Then Anthony decided to run his mouth again…but more like complain since he didn’t win. He said, take them on the course and I’ll beat them like a drummer beats his drums. Ok Anthony.

 The 4th and final location was a straightforward 100-yard shot. Jimmy came up way short at 39’10”. You can tell that each bad shot is starting to really get to him. Toph hit is to 9’” and Emily won immunity and knocked it stiff to 4’2”! Great job girl, way to represent!


Immunity Challenge 2

The second immunity challenge was a stroke play accumulation of 3 locations. The player with the lowest total score would automatically join Emily in the semi-finals. The player with the highest score will be sent straight to elimination.

 The first location was a putt from 7’. Toph and Jimmy both missed their putts to the right while Anthony and Charlie made theirs confidently in the center. We have been seeing a theme with people coming straight out of their putts and missing it right. Stay committed to your routine and keep that head and body still!

 The second location was a 160-yard shot from the right rough. Anthony hit his approach into the right greenside bunker where he found it plugged. Charlie hit his shot on line but just short of the green while Toph and Jimmy both hit great shots, giving them a good look at birdie. Paige gave Anthony a 1 in 50 chance to get up and down from that brutal lie. And what does he do? He hit an amazing shot out to within 10’ and made his putt! As frustrated as Anthony makes me sometimes, he does pull out some incredible shots. I think we have a love-hate relationship.

 Charlie also left his chip well short but managed to make a solid putt.  To finish out the second location, Toph and Jimmy both 3 putted, putting them in a tie for last with a total score of 6. I seriously could not believe that they didn’t take advantage of their positions and capitalize! Come on guys!

 The third location was a 230 yard shot. No one hit their approaches on the green, but they all had it surrounded.

Toph got up and down to finish the challenge with a total score of 9. Anthony also got up and down to post a score of 7 and secure his spot in the semifinals. Charlie failed to get up and down and posted a 9, while Jimmy missed a shorty to send him straight to elimination with a final score of 10.


Elimination Challenge

Jimmy had to choose either Charlie or Toph to join him in elimination. I thought Charlie would for sure use his super immunity to stay out of elimination and guarantee his spot in the final 4. But he didn’t! That’s crazy, especially since he has not been on his game lately! He said he came here to play. But he needs to be smart as well. That was enough reason for Jimmy…and he decided to take on Charlie.

 The first location was a 294 yard par 4. Jimmy hit his shot short right of the green and Charlie hit an awesome 3 wood right beside Jimmy’s. I thought it was quite unfortunate that Charlie’s shot didn’t bounce up to the green, but that’s golf! I’m just trying to get over the fact that Charlie hit a 3 wood on a 294 yard par 4 because he thought his driver would be too far! Now that’s some distance!

 Charlie hit a very poor chip well past the hole and made an awesome come-back for birdie. That’s great that he made his comebacker, but man is his chipping horrible lately! That part of your game is so important. It gives you an out, when you aren’t hitting it that great. My guess is he should practice those a little more! Jimmy proceeded to hit a great chip and tapped in for birdie as well…a little less exciting, but a birdie none the less!

 The second location was a 419 yard par 4. Jimmy hit a perfect drive down the center and Charlie sprayed his 3 wood a little right. He then proceeded to hit a great shot just short of the pin. You could tell Jimmy was extremely nervous over the shot and hit his second shot long right. The most effective way to play your best golf under pressure lies in a solid pre-shot routine. If this pre-shot routine is concrete, it really can make all the difference. Instead of thinking about the results needed, you can solely rely and concentrate on this routine’s steps. It’s the one thing throughout an entire round that can remain the same. Take advantage of that!

 Jimmy hit an aggressive birdie putt dead center of the cup and jumped out. He tapped in for par and all he could do was wait. Charlie had an awesome birdie look but got too forceful and put his birdie putt 5’ past the hole. What is he doing?! He then missed his comebacker to be eliminated from Big Break Myrtle Beach. He unfortunately eliminated himself from the competition. Not only did he lose out on the $10,000 super immunity prize, but he also lost out on the huge winner’s prize package.

 I’m sure he regrets not using his get out of jail free card, but all in all, he had a great run. He was one of the best competitors on the show and I know he will take that success outside this competition. He is confident and has a great perspective. He knows this isn’t the end of the road and I would be surprised if we didn’t see his name in a few years.

 Best of luck Charlie!