Big Break The Palm Beaches: Episode 3 Breakdown


Big Break Ireland contestant, Kelly Jacques is back to break down episode 3 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL. Along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.

Kelly: Welcome back Big Breakers! I mean, seriously…how good was Episode 3?! Starting off, they had to play a closest to the hole against the player with the same color ball. The other players had to predict who would win the matchup. Love, love, love these types of challenges! You can see who the players’ confidence lies in!

Sara: I couldn't agree more Kel!!! I love when the show opens with a bang!!! At breakfast when the guys pick the colored golf balls... Love that a few picked based on school colors or those other college colors as Wesley said that would make him throw up hahaha 

The first challenge is also very much a mind game and needed strategy when you weren't playing on who you thought was better... I didn't have this challenge on my Big Breaks but I love the intensity of it... 

Kelly: This challenge is definitely a mind game and players are choosing players based off of point totals! I felt bad for Chad, Clay and Kyle. That has to be a pretty defeating feeling when hardly anyone believes in you! 

Sara: Yep but ultimately Justin Brandon Richy and FINALLY Tyler are safe and onto the next show and a safari adventure... When all the other guys are off to the second immunity challenge where driving accuracy and distance were both in play!!! Love that they all talked when on the bench about the gun show and shirts being tighter and swinging out of their shoes... Hahahaha and then Wesley pulls a 3 wood... But again accuracy is key to get points and he rips his 3 wood.

Kelly: This distance and accuracy challenge didn’t play into Chad’s strength though... When you don’t hit a long ball, you definitely have to rely on your accuracy. Unfortunately, he missed one fairway and found himself in the bottom spot after both rounds…

Sara: Yes but we have a playoff for  immunity between the longest hitter Robert and Wesley who again hit his 3 wood perfect... But Robert answers with a huge drive and 7 points to win immunity... 

Kelly: Since Chad secured his spot in the elimination challenge he had to choose his opponent... Come on Chad, I’m pulling for you! 

But wait WHAT??!! Chad chose Wesley to go to elimination with him?! Wesley was just in a playoff for immunity! Talk about a swing of circumstances! Sara, why do you think Chad chose who he did?

Sara: I wasn't really that shocked... I mean I'm not sure why he picked Wesley but maybe it's because all 3 of these guys are good and If he's thinking pro careers or wins or golf outside of Big Break maybe Chad thought Wesley wasn't as accomplished... I don't know but all I know is this elimination challenge is KILLING me... I mean come on Wesley make a putt... And Chad... Ugh I don't know who to root for... Like them both!

Kelly: Chad got up and down from the bunker on location 3. He then found himself plugged in the face of the bunker at the last location…and what does he do?! He hit an incredible recovery shot close to the pin and sinks his must make putt! Incredible!! PLAYOFF TIME!! 

Sara: WOW WOW WOW... That plugged bunker shot from Chad INCREDIBLE!!! I mean it wasn't a gimmie put by any means and then with all the pressure Big Break adds... to make that putt... WOW He's tough!!! 

Kelly: Chad’s game and his putter stayed hot in the additional sudden death playoff hole where he ripped his drive and stuck his approach needing another must make 6 footer for birdie to send home Wesley. No one mess with Chad, he has talent AND a never give up attitude! I’m excited for Chad, but I am bummed to see Wesley go home.

Sara: Agreed Kelly, Chad is sooooo good when the pressure is on! And I feel for Wesley and will miss him on the show But his putter just didn't come to play today... So I guess it was a good choice by Chad to pick him... If I'm those other guys playing you better believe I am NOT picking Chad in an elimination challenge #corporalclutch as he was referred too he took out 3 people in 2 days pretty impressive if you ask me... Can't wait to see what next week brings because this week was definitely MUST SEE TV!!!

Until next time!