Big Break Florida Show 6 Producer Blog


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a very interesting dynamic is developing this season on Big Break that I haven’t ever seen in the 16 seasons I have been a part of the show. Sure, every season has a certain level of social game and that’s just part of nature really. We as humans have an animalistic tendency to develop groups with people we have something in common with. Scientists would call it a survival tactic and one could accurately say never before has that description of such a behavior been so relevant.

I have had several conversations about Big Break Florida with fans of the show and it seems like in every conversation, the topic of Mary is always brought up. I am always very curious to get people’s reactions to certain players because I often feel like my view of them are often so different. Obviously spending the better part of 12-15 hours per day for a few weeks in a row with these precisely selected cast of golfers, one tends to see them in every sort of light. And that portrayal is what we strive to show of the players in the show. I can tell you that Mary requires no effort. She is who she is. Thus far I have found the viewers are somewhat torn almost down the middle on Mary. But love her or hate her, you always know exactly what she is thinking.

It’s this unfiltered persona that really strikes a nerve this week with Kristi and those on her team. It’s the kind of thing in season’s past that would make a player a target. Mary has tried to thwart off any would be attackers so far by the art of intimidation. She is certainly not afraid to tell someone how “smart” they are not for picking her in any situation. A method that the players are becoming accustomed to now and have seemed to see it as her coping method rather than her being actually intimidating. So, what is her next course of action? Unfortunately for those she has faced in the Elimination Challenges, it seems to be just playing good golf. Which is typically the second half of the conversations I end up having with the fans of the show who either love her or hate her. For all the effort she goes to in scaring off her opponents, the real intimidation she instills is simply by continuing to eliminate players. Which in the end, is what this show is all about.

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Chris Graham