Big Break Florida Show 7 Producer Blog


This is the 10th season of Big Break that I have had the privilege of being a part of and looking back on how I got to this point has been amazing. I started out as an intern in our Original Productions department and got my first taste of this show. Little did I know, nine seasons later I would be post-producing my first episode for Big Break Florida as one of the Series Producers.

To this point in the season, Big Break has been all about choices and this episode was no different. Kristi had just given up $5000 in the previous episode in exchange for immunity and she did not want to let that money slip through her fingers again during the first challenge of the day. She came out gunnin’ for that $7500 today and wasn’t looking back. It may have been this “go for broke” attitude throughout the episode that ultimately landed her in the elimination with Kylee and sent her packing.

Kylee’s up and down out of the hazard in the elimination challenge was absolutely incredible. TV does not do it justice. Pulling off that difficult shot with her life on the line was astounding and she deserved to survive elimination after playing stellar golf in the last two locations. Let’s not forget to mention that lengthy putt to eliminate Kristi. Quite impressive!

But wait there’s more! Below are a couple of ‘behind the scenes’ tidbits you may not have known unless you were out on location with us. Enjoy!

  • You may have noticed two gentlemen on the green during the second immunity challenge of the day. These two were none other than ‘yours truly’ and our Challenge Producer, Chris Graham. Kristi’s playoff shot vs. Sadena was so close to that I needed a second set of eyes to make sure the ball was not actually touching any part of the chalk line. Al Pacino once said, “Life is this game of inches” and this inch could have definitely changed Kristi’s fate on the show.
  • This week’s episode took place on the Long Point Golf Course at Omni Amelia Island Plantation and it was the only day that we actually shot here. When the ladies realized they were being escorted to a completely different golf course this morning to warm up, many of them were convinced a special celebrity guest would be coming. Sorry ladies…not today.

Until next time….Keep Calm and Big Break On!

Anthony Valle