Big Break Florida: Show 8 Inside Scoop


Odds and ends.


Did you catch Melanie picking on Tom in the commercial break? I like to include tidbits like this when I have the opportunity because our hosts have a lot of personality and a lot of fun on the course, and we don’t always get a chance to use it in the general course of the show. This was a gem my editor found when we were cutting episode 5. We didn’t have a spot that we could fit it in that episode, but we had time this week so there you are. The laughing from off camera is hair and makeup. All in good fun by the way.


The social aspect of this season is something I haven’t seen, at least to this degree, in the 9 years I’ve been working on the show. The last few episodes we’ve seen a social divide growing among the competitors. The group of Mary, Fiamma, and Kristi banded together, Jackie and Renée became friends, and Sadena and Kylee have been the 2 independents. In the drive and approach challenge, the second group certainly felt the pressure to win the challenge to avoid being picked to go into the elimination challenge. That’s kind of a tough position when you’re in a 3-way playoff for immunity, and you can assume losing the playoff means you go to elimination. I think this day Jackie and Kylee expressed frustration with the social dynamics.


When we cut these shows, we’re basically presenting a condensed version of what we saw throughout the day. As I do interviews on set I get a picture of part of what’s happening, and then going through the show I find interviews that other producers handle that fill in other pieces of the puzzle. It’s interesting to me when we hear diametrically opposed opinions about what’s happening. At the selection range Kylee argues that Mary is fake while Fiamma views Mary as a true friend in a world of 2-faced women. I guess only time will tell. Oh, and I’m interested to see where people fall on the “good luck” interchange between Kylee and Mary. Was Mary showing good sportsmanship and was Kylee’s rebuke bad form, or was Kylee correct in calling Mary out? Leave your thoughts in the comment section, I’m curious.


That’s it for me this season! Thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of the show!


Jon Painter - Series Producer