Big Break's Annie & Kelly Provide Insight on Show 5


Past Big Break Ireland competitors Annie Brophy and Kelly Jacques lend their insight and provide some fun facts about the ladies of Big Break Florida.

Former Big Break Ireland competitors Annie Brophy and Kelly Jacques are back. Only this time, it is not to play on Big Break, but to lend their insight and provide some fun facts about the ladies of Big Break Florida. Each week, Annie and Kelly will give you their thoughts on that week’s show, including what the pressure is like each week, since they have been there before. They also will provide you with some behind-the-scenes info on the ladies – Annie and Kelly have played alongside most of them on the Symetra Tour the past few years. While they have no knowledge of any results on the series, they will offer up thoughts on their favorites – and some non-favorites – on Big Break Florida. When not providing their Big Break commentary, Annie and Kelly currently work for, Golf Channel’s official online tee-times provider.

Kelly: I was waiting for the flop wall challenge... and it’s finally here! In my opinion this is one of the most entertaining challenges. I know I’m not alone when I found amusement in watching the girls’ shots denied by the infamous wall!

Annie: I did a mini fist pump when we saw the flop wall right out of the gate this last episode. I love this challenge, and yes, I admit I too love to see a good blade or chunk right at it. I was intimidated by that last flop wall just sitting on my couch. I was glad to have a remote in my hand and not a lob wedge.

Kelly: I loved the team aspect they added to this first challenge. It’s definitely more pressure when your play can affect someone else's fate and it was interesting to see which girls rose to the occasion and which girls crumbled under the pressure.

Annie: Agreed! This was a great team challenge! How about everyone’s comments about Sadena at the beginning of the challenge? If they had it their way, seemed to me they would have named her Big Break Florida Champion right then and there. No doubt she’s a great player, but I think they’re giving her too much credit. It’s hard to compete against someone if you think they’re better than you…

Kelly: Everyone seemed surprised when Sadena wasn’t picked first by Mary. I thought this was awesome. It showed that Mary is confident in going against the grain and confident in her own opinions... but I think we already knew that :).

Annie: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I think Sadena and Jackie are the best players at this point this season. Mary has played with Jackie more out on tour and knows her game. I think it was a good move. Although it was really a win-win for her.

Kelly: Once again Sadena and her team pulled off a solid win in the flop wall challenge. Every team struggled, but Kristi and Fiamma pulled it together and gave Sadena the chance to do what she does best… finish it off and win!

Kelly: Annie did this bring back any memories from our Big Break season in Ireland since almost our entire season was team-based?

Annie: It absolutely did, I’m glad you asked the question! It’s tough to be on a show like this with team competitions, because you can’t always determine your own future. You have to rely on other people’s games - which is not how we are used to playing the sport. It’s great fun if you’ve got a solid team, but a weak link brings everyone down in a hurry.

Kelly: Once again the winners of the first challenge had to choose between $2,500 or immunity. You can really tell that these girls are starting to get tired. Even though I think all 3 players would have been able to take the money and survive elimination, it was probably a good decision to rest up and get ready for the next day.

Annie: People don’t realize the hours that go into filming Big Break. It’s a lot of early mornings and late nights. Our first day filming in Ireland, I was awake for 22 hours! Unless we see these girls getting offered more money, I’d imagine they will be more interested in immunity.

Kelly: Challenge #2 flipped the tables and forced the girls to compete against the team they just worked alongside. Gosh I love these producers... always thinking of ways to throw a curveball! Renee finally showed up and stuck her 150-yard shot to 2’6’’! That’s a quick way to guarantee you’ll survive another day. I’m hoping we’ll start to see her nerves calm down and her steady play shine through.

Annie: I’ve been impressed thus far with the challenges. This season has been well thought out, and the viewings and ratings have reflected that! I played quite a bit of junior golf with Renee, and those are the shots I’m used to seeing from her. Finally!

Kelly: At the end of the immunity challenge, I was surprised to see both Tonya and Kylee in the bottom two. They were now faced with the decision of who to pick to join them in elimination. They stood behind Lindsay and Jackie trying to decide who to choose, ultimately choosing Lindsay. I thought it was so contradictory when Lindsay then called that a “jerk move” when they stood behind her watching. How was that a jerk move? They were playing the game and seeing how each girl would react under pressure. Especially coming from the girl who convinced Courtney to choose Mary in elimination because she knew Courtney was uneasy about going up against Mary. Come on girl, you can’t pull the “jerk move” card when you pulled the ultimate “jerk move” just a few episodes ago.

Annie: Ha! That’s a good point. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I think they would have been silly to pick Jackie. And they knew it. I was even surprised that Tonya and Kylee even suggested picking Jackie. Pretty sure their element of surprise tactic would have sent one of them home instead.

Kelly: I honestly am a fan of Lindsay but I was very surprised at her comments during the interview. She mentioned that on the tee she was already thinking this may be the last hole she plays on Big Break, so she might as well enjoy it! You are in the middle of fighting for your survival on this show and you’re already thinking about being eliminated? Enjoy yourself yes, but you need to be so engrossed in the task at hand that being eliminated should be the last thing on your mind. I think she had a good run on the show, but in my opinion the right player got eliminated once again. I loved her upbeat and quirky personality and I think some more experience will really help. Best of luck with everything Lindsay.

Annie: I became a big Lindsey fan after this show! I thought her attitude was great. You’re right, anything can happen, but I don’t think she gave up in the least bit. She pulled her driver on the last hole when the other girls hit fairway woods and went down swinging. I did notice she wasn’t wearing her beanie during the final interview. We should have known something was off then.

Kelly: Ok, can we please end on Jackie’s accurate and bold prediction? She mentioned she would be surprised if she didn’t get her 2014 LPGA card. For those of you who don’t know, back in December (after Big Break Florida was filmed) she earned partial LPGA status for this year! Her game is really coming along and just this past week at the Florida’s Natural Charity Classic Symetra Event she tied for 2nd, posting 5-under! Way to go girl. Along with Jackie’s great week, other Big Break Alumni rocked it as well. Matt Every from Big Break Mesquite won his first PGA TOUR event at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Rick Cochran from Big Break Greenbrier finished runner up at the PGA TOUR Latino America event and Gerina Piller from Big Break Prince Edward Island finished T15th at the LPGA Founders Cup!

Annie: It’s so great for the show to have Big Break Alums play so well. It’s also great for the fans to be able to cheer for players they feel like they already know. And it all helps bring more attention to the sport we love! And what about you and me, Kel? We had a great week selling tee times on!

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. Looks like there is going to be some drama. The girls have been too nice and supportive of each other. I’m ready for the claws to come back out. Mary, I’m talking to you! Give us something to write about…