Big Break's Annie & Kelly Provide Insight on Show 7


Former Big Break Ireland competitors Annie Brophy and Kelly Jacques are back. Only this time, it is not to play on Big Break, but to lend their insight and provide some fun facts about the ladies of Big Break Florida.

Kelly: It’s been awhile since the last Big Break episode and I’m so excited that Annie and I are back!

Annie:  I’m sure our faithful readers have missed our insight terribly.  It was another great episode!

Kelly: As each episode airs, I continue to be impressed with the different and creative challenges that we are seeing! I especially love the twist in the first challenge. Choose to fire at either the money flag or the immunity flag. The girl who ends up closest to each pin wins.

Annie:  I wasn’t surprised most of the girls went for the immunity flag.  I was surprised at the poor shot execution.  And what about our girl Sadena missing the green?!  Come on!

Kelly: The only great shot that we saw during the first challenge came from Renee. She fired at the immunity flag and stuck it to 3’9’’. That proves that one great shot at the right time is all you need to get far on this show. Go relax girl and have a cold one!

Annie:  You’re absolutely right – timing is everything on Big Break.  That being said, Renee has also seemed so much more confident in the last couple episodes – I’m glad to see it!  She started off pretty slow, but hopefully she can keep this momentum going into the next couple shows!

Kelly: Once again, Fiamma just had to hit the green to win the challenge. The first time was to win immunity. This episode she successfully hit the green to win $7,500!! Yes please!

Annie: If only it was always so easy!  Kylee seemed pretty bitter afterwards in her interview.  She could have chosen that empty green as well.

Kelly: Ok, so I noticed the bow that Mary was wearing last week and I bit my tongue. This week, Sadena had a bow on her sweater and i’m seeing a Lindsay Aho theme here. She was known for her child like bows that she incorporated into each episode and it seems like she left her mark. I’m not sure how I feel about this, Annie would you wear a bow if you were friends with Lindsay?

Annie: Ha! I love that you brought that up here.  That’s a funny question. And an easy answer: No.  Mainly because I would look foolish with a big bow on my head.  I didn’t even notice that this was a Lindsay Aho thing until I saw these girls tweeting back and forth post-show.  Sharing is caring, I guess!

Kelly: During the second challenge, the girls were tested on their distance control. The farther back they chose to hit from, the more points their shots were worth. I loved Kristi’s aggressive game plan but you can’t miss the green on both shots and finish round one with zero points. Surprisingly, Sadena made the same mistake. It’s a fine line between being aggressive and being foolish.

Annie:  I loved this challenge because it made these girls incorporate strategy in choosing distances but most importantly they had to execute with their irons.  A lot of the challenges on this show have allowed the girls to stick with their wedges, so I like to see them have to stretch out a little. 

On a side note, I also really liked their Tom Abbott impressions in between commercials. I love his commentating on the show – especially when the girls hit bad shots.  And he is by far my favorite person to follow on twitter.  A man of many words: @tomabbottGC.

Kelly: I’ll have to check that out!  I felt so bad for Kristi when she lost by mere inches (once again) to Sadena in the tiebreaker. She hit a great shot under the pressure but unfortunately her ball spun back to finish outside the circle.  Now Kristi was faced with the decision of who to play against. She chose Kylee and Mary’s response didn’t surprise me at all. She told Kristi, “You actually know how to play golf”. Ok, well that’s kind of rude! I understand you want to pump up your friends, but by insulting others?

Annie:  I think Mary was pretty supportive of everyone on this episode – perhaps with this exception.  Although in her interview after the show, she acknowledged Kylee’s talent as a player.  Personally, I was pretty taken aback with Kylee’s attitude on this episode.  She felt like she was getting “ganged up on” because Kristi picked her over Sadena?  Um, maybe she just thinks you’re a weaker player than Sadena.  I doubt a single player would have chosen to play Sadena over Kylee and it has nothing to do with “cliques.” Just talent. She seemed like a pretty poor sport during the entire elimination challenge.  Not impressed.  Next.

Kelly: Kristi was up one shot going into the final two holes. Once Kylee hit her tee shot on the second hole into the hazard, I thought she was done. However, golf is a game where anything can happen. That was proven tonight as Kristi proceeded to blade her chip, then 3 putt for a double. Kylee hit an amazing chip from the hazard and a two shot swing was the result. That was hard to watch!

Annie: That was a clutch shot from Kylee!  And yes it was tough to watch Kristi crumble like that.  You could see she had so much adrenaline as she slammed putt after putt (after putt) past the hole.  It’s always rough to watch someone give it away like Kristi did on this hole.  And as a player, that’s the absolute worst way to go out!

And on then on the final hole, Kristi pushed it pretty badly off the tee.  Again, hard to watch, but it did prompt my favorite line of the show.  Sadena’s “why’s it over there?  There’s so much roooom!”  Thanks to the producers for a little comic relief! 

Kelly:  Kylee holed a lengthy putt to win in style and just like that, Kristi’s Big Break has ended. I thought she had a great run on the show. She displayed some great golf, won over a lot of fans, and played with dignity and respect. With more experience, I think Kristi has a lot of potential. Best of luck with everything girl and keep winning fans over with your class and your smile!

Annie:  I agree, Kelly, I thought she carried herself well throughout the whole show.  I don’t know Kristi, but I enjoyed watching her on this season.  She seems like a nice girl and hopefully golf will work out for her.  But now, on to the next one!  Next week looks to have some more great drama – which you know I love!