Big Break's Annie & Kelly Provide Insight on Show 9


Fiamma Felitch Big Break Florida

Former Big Break Ireland competitors Annie Brophy and Kelly Jacques are back. Only this time, it is not to play on Big Break, but to lend their insight and provide some fun facts about the ladies of Big Break Florida.

Kelly: I love the dynamic of these final 5 girls. Their personalities are incredibly different and they all have very different strengths.  And wow, great shot right out of the gates by Mary during horse! But then again, you should win your own location you choose when playing the game of horse.


Annie:  I loved the Horse challenge!  This one is all about strategy – picking a shot you feel completely confident executing but would be tough for the other girls.  My favorite location was the one Sedena picked.  It looked like a pretty tough punch shot, and they had to carry a bunker as well.  I wonder if she’s so good at shots from the trees because she finds herself there frequently.


Kelly: I was very impressed with all of Renee’s shots. You can really tell she is becoming much more comfortable in these pressure-filled situations. She really came through in the last location, and definitely deserved immunity and that spot in the final 4!


Annie:  She’s a player.  I’m glad she’s stepped her game up as the season has progressed.  I was NOT impressed with Renee handing out letters to the girl with the shot farthest away from the hole.  She’s just too nice!  I thought I was finally going to see Renee single someone out, and then there she goes and hands out her letters in the most painfully diplomatic, fair way possible.  Come on, Renee! 


Kelly: The next challenge tested all aspects of their game. I felt bad for Fiamma that it took two tries to hit her drive at least 210. In Fiamma’s defense she is tiny and they are in Florida right off the ocean. AKA the ball just doesn’t fly. When you see Sadena hit a good drive and her total distance is only 245 yards…The ball’s just not flyin.


Annie: I know why you and Renee are such good friends – both too nice!  You just gave Fiamma the ocean as an excuse for being a short hitter.  It’s ok!  You can say she doesn’t hit it far!  That doesn’t mean she’s a bad player!  Of all five players, she probably is the shortest hitter – it just is what it is.


Kelly: At the next location, the girls had to hit a 110 yard shot inside 25 feet. Definitely harder than it sounds, especially when that’s what you’re focusing on.


Annie:  Well let’s think about that. That’s a 50ft diameter.  That’s over 16 yards they have to work with.  That should be a pretty easy shot from with a wedge in their hands.  That being said, always easier said than done.  That’s also why I’m writing the blog and not hitting the shots…


Kelly: The final location was an 8ft putt. Each girl had three tries to make it and put points on the board. Mary had the opportunity to win the immunity challenge but failed to convert and get it done. Mary ended up being the only one who missed that 8ft putt, which definitely got under her skin.


Annie:  Yeah, she was clearly pretty rattled.  And the awkward tension coming from that bench afterwards was palpable.


Kelly: What happens when Mary doesn’t get her way? She puts down others. She and Fiamma were talking about how Jackie didn’t deserve that immunity win. How do you figure? The only shot she missed was the 110 yard shot from the second location. If you’re upset about her winning, play better!


Annie:  Agreed.  Jackie played well and won immunity.  I think Mary was not as upset that Jackie won, just that she didn’t – especially considering that she went from first to last after her putting.


Kelly: I will say though, I love that Mary chose Sadena for the elimination challenge! Sadena has been off her game the last few days and I don’t think she expected to be picked.


Annie:  I didn’t want to see either of these girls go home!  But this has probably been the best, most well-matched elimination challenge given their abilities and personalities.  Sedena said it best: they’re both fighters!


Kelly: Right off the bat, the girls both killed their drives down the fairway but failed to hit it close for a good birdie opp. Sadena and Mary both made clutch par putts to move to the second hole of elimination all square.


Annie:  How nervous was Mary standing over that putt after her 8ft putting fiasco in the last immunity challenge?! Props to her for two good putts to close out the Elimination Challenge.


Kelly: The second hole was a par 4 over water, and Sadena literally shanked it! You definitely feel for her…especially hitting that type of shot on this show. She ends up with bogey, giving Mary a lengthy putt to win…and she made it to send Sadena home!


Annie:  So this was the first episode that I wasn’t able to watch the Monday it aired.  Foolishly, I checked my twitter Monday night so I knew Sedena had been eliminated while I was watching the show.  She’s such a great player, and she’s been fun to watch on the show.  I was so sad to see her go!


Kelly: All these girls are good at this stage but I completely expected Sadena to be in the finals. She started off hot and lost some of her confidence along the way. Throughout the show her accuracy and control proved to be the weak link in her game and that’s ultimately what cost her. She’s young and has some refining to do, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Sadena. She would make a great addition to the LPGA Tour and I hope to see her out there someday.


Annie:  I agree.  After the first episode, I think you and I both thought she would be in the finals.  In related news, she’s currently leading out on the Symetra Tour this weekend after the first round!  She’s obviously taken this experience and learned from it.  Not like she needs it, but good luck to her moving forward!