Carl Whyte's Final Words


“There was once a dream that was Carl’s, and that dream was to inspire a nation, to motivate a generation and to play it forward. I could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish. I embraced the hope that one day it would come to fruition. It was so fragile but I did not fear that it would not survive the winter.'

Here we are, at the end of episode 9 of Big Break Indian Wells.  The winter has passed, and I do believe the dream has survived.

My heart is filled with gratitude and I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Golf Channel, the producers and staff of Big Break Indian Wells, and to my fellow competitors – the outstanding gentlemen of Big Break Season 15. To my family, mentor, friends, well wishers and fans of the Big Break franchise, I am confident that I would not have had this experience without your combined support. Thank you all.

WOW, what a season this has been.  What an unbelievable experience. I came in to this show wanting to answer one fundamental question:  Does Carl have what it takes to play at the highest level? I came into this season with one fundamental objective: INSPIRE. The verdict is in and I, the jury, found more than just an answer, sentenced to walk away a changed man, and I the jury, hope that I have inspired.

I am honored to have been chosen and blessed to have rubbed shoulders with such upstanding gentlemen. The pressure at times was suffocating, the tests were tough, the tasks were well scripted and the camaraderie was real.  To all of you gentlemen, my utmost respect.

My analysis of my PGA Tour potential has been significantly altered as a result of this experience.  I went to school on all of my comrades, took careful notes and “The Red Book” has been updated. I hammered into the heads of the students that I mentored that they are “rated PG” - Potential Geniuses. Being a competitor on Big Break Indian Wells revealed that I too am “rated PG” - Potential Golfer.

You all have seen SHANK 2.0; CARL 2.0 is coming soon.  OH…by the way, Shank, I accept your challenge.

One Love,
Irie Mahn