Happy Endings


This was perhaps the most improbable, unbelievable finish I’ve ever witnessed on a golf course. I remember distinctly what went through my mind when Carl pulled his 3-wood on the first hole in elimination: “the end of this show is going to be so hard to cut.” Carl was the only person out there that actually believed he could pull it off. I watched his swing with visions of the many ways he could triple bogie or worse. Then the ball landed. An eruption of applause from Safe City matched the eruption of chatter on the scoring and spotting channel we use to communicate across the course. Disbelief. Double confirmation of the yardage and club. Triple confirmation. More disbelief.

And the fireworks had just started.

The second shot into the last hole was just insane. A 3-putt from Shank, and suddenly in the space of fifteen minutes, Carl had turned the whole show upside down. Other competitors huddled around as Shank started giving a speech that was less a farewell than an attempt to make his buddy feel better. In the moment he said his life had been changed. He meant it. Shank went home and proved it. So we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to send him a flip cam to do a video diary for the end of the show and the website.  Watch Shank’s transformation!