Piri 'Petey's' Final Words


Waking up that morning was supposed to be filled with many more smiles and excitement; except that I woke up with back spasms like crazy from the flight out to Cali...what a nightmare!  I was still very stiff and FREEZING before I hit the first shot of the competition. Came straight out of it and thinned the heck out of the ball over the green. That sucked so bad, but whatev.  I thought I would still have a couple more chances to avoid elimination.  That was NOT the case though haha…I got one more shot, a drive against Shank…

People might think that picking Shank was a dumb decision.  I didn’t feel that way one bit. I know what he’s done for a living in the past, but I played golf with him the day before I could see how he could get a little loose off the tee, so to me, I had a chance because I driving the ball fairly straight. Well, obviously that backfired hard, and Shank nailed one down the fairway which made me have to step up and murder one to stay alive, which I didn’t do.

What you may not have seen was that Shank and I exchanged more than one drive in that competition. His first shot, he pulled left of the fairway, which gave me the opportunity to hit the fairway and win the match.  What I should have done is go back to the cart and grab an iron and hit the fairway - - thanks for coming.  But, I didn’t.  I kept the driver because I had been hitting it very well and proceeded to hit a very good drive. My first drive ran down the left side of the fairway for forever until it trickled into the rough by about a foot at the last second.  I wasn’t patient enough to go back to the cart and play for the win.  I thought we were playing for real money and I wanted to have the longest drive on that hole after Shank had missed the fairway.  Well I was wrong.  We weren’t playing for money and I lost the match anyway!  That sucked so hard.

Now, I am in an elimination with Oren. I felt very good about my game and even though I was giving a stroke, which made ridiculous sense, I still felt I could beat Oren. My first tee shot found the water, and the crazy thing is that I hit my target and made a great swing…But! I thought we were playing the hole from 440, when in fact they had moved us up to 410, but you really couldn’t tell because of all the cameras and people everywhere. We had also never seen these holes before so I thought we were on the back tee box…guess not, and I flew the ball 20 yards too long off the path.  Totally flabbergasted about how far my ball went compared to the yardage book, which was because of the tee boxes…whatever.  Anyway, I didn’t lose any blood on the first hole but somehow quickly found myself in a lot of trouble on the second hole. I had 200 yards with the green monster in front of me!  I had to try and smash a 7 just to get it up, and ended up losing it well to the right, pretty much knocking myself out of the Big Break. Oren goes on to make a great birdie and eliminates me from the show first!  That’s a terrible feeling to be knocked out first. I feel like I had a very good chance to go very far in this competition, and it ended up being the exact opposite. Regardless, I had an unbelievable time participating on the show, I met a lot of great people, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

This won’t keep me down by any means.  Since the show, I’ve been playing regularly on the NGA Hooters Professional Golf Tour. I have made four out of five cuts with a couple Top 25s and a Top 15. I’m currently traveling throughout the southeastern U.S. playing as many tournaments as possible. Right now I’m in Knoxville, TN, at an event where I’ve played solid thru two days shooting (71-65) -8 total after two rounds. Hopefully, I’ll keep doing the opposite of how I hit it on the shot hahah…

Take care, y’all.  Thanks so much for watching….we’ll get ‘em next time! Later.