A Two-Time Player’s Perspective


First off, I have to say “breaking the glass” is THE best challenge.  Anyone who gets on Big Break is dying to break the glass and when you actually get to do it- it’s even more fun, and challenging, than you might have imagined.   The sound of that glass shattering is the best.   What can I say about this week’s immunity challenge?...Kent killed it.  Breaking the last three panes of glass for the win= a definite boost of confidence moving forward.

Big Break is so great because every player wants it so badly.  Throughout the process of the show you quickly build a camaraderie with strangers that you all of a sudden have to live with.  You realize you have one very important goal in common and that is to further your career in the golf world.  To most of the competitors on this show… golf is their life and winning Big Break can be a life changing experience.  Trust me, I know!

I understand Carl’s emotion after he sent Shank to the elimination challenge.  Even though you wouldn’t change the outcome for anything, it is a bittersweet feeling seeing someone you have become friends with go home.  As a participant, it’s crazy how emotional this show can be!  In my experience, seeing the look of disappointment on certain players’ faces when they got eliminated was unexpectedly heartbreaking.  It crushes you because you know how bad they want it and you know how much it means to them.  You share a once in a lifetime experience together and you are all fighting for the same thing.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions on Big Break. I’m definitely a fan of Robbie… LOL that guy cracks me up!!     Fortunately Robbie didn’t go home this week.  Shank found his zone in the elimination challenge.  Good work ;)

Oh, and by the way Shank – who is “She-bah”?!