Web Exclusive Videos from Show Eight


There was drama right from the start on show eight of Big Break Indian Wells. It turned out to be a very stressful day for Carl and a very profitable day for David. David, the player on the bottom of the money list, challenged Carl, a less experienced player, to the first challenge of the day.  Looks like lady luck was on David’s side because he out performed Carl and was able to double his money by winning the first challenge of the day. 

The drama continued for Carl as he had to go head-to-head against his roommate, Robbie, in the elimination challenge.  This was a hard challenge for all involved because Carl and Robbie have become really good friends throughout the course of the season.  But in true Big Break fashion, one player must be eliminated and that person unfortunately was South Carolina native, Robbie Biershenk.

Watch as Robbie talks to Big Break Indian Wells’ host, Tom Abbott , about how Carl has really changed how he looks at life and how golf needs more players like Carl.  Plus, Robbie talks about how Carl’s work ethic is motivating him to get back into shape, work on his confidence and his mental part of the game as his continues to strive to play on the PGA Tour.

Robbie’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Watch as the hosts of Big Break Indian Wells, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks, break down the drama filled day from David beating Carl in the first challenge, how all the players did not bring their A-game in the second challenge of the day, finally to how Carl hit the shot of the series in the elimination challenge against his roommate, Robbie.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

The guys sit back and let loose a bit during this week’s Happy Hour.  Hear Carl talk about how he feels he earned his spot on Big Break Indian Wells after participating in the most stressful day yet.  Plus, the guys talk about how amazing Carl’s shot was where he hit a 3-wood from 282 yards away from the green and actually made the green.  That shot saved his chance to live another day on Big Break Indian Wells.

Happy Hour- Watch Now

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