Web Exclusive Videos from Show Four


The producers of the show brought Las Vegas to Palm Springs.  The players of Big Break Indian Wells got a chance to play a little Black Jack on the golf course.  Some players had the luck of the Irish on their side and were able to get Blackjack on the first try, while a few other players had to bluff and use their poker face to outsmart their opponent.  In a few cases a player’s poker face was spot on and tricked their opponent to taking an extra shot that put them over 21.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened with “Shank” and Russell.  “Shank” bluffed his way into the next show while Russell was sent to the elimination challenge to face David.

After being sent to the elimination challenge, David played his game a bit on the cautious side.  His reservations lead him to buy an extra half shot over Russell.  Well, that conservative move worked in David’s favor.  But unfortunately, that meant David beat Russell and Russell was eliminated from Big Break Indian Wells. Watch Russell’s exit interview as he talks to Host, Tom Abbott, about who was the inspiration and driving force on why he tried out for Big Break Indian Wells and what his future plans are after he retires from the United States Marine Corps.

Russell’s Exit Interview- Watch Now 

Watch as the players of Big Break Indian Wells recap the day’s events including how some players were able to use their poker face to their advantage. Plus, they talked about how they admired Russell’s efforts during the Blackjack challenge and the strategy behind David buying an extra half shot in the elimination challenge.

Happy Hour- Watch Now 

Watch as the hosts of Big Break Indian Wells, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks agree to disagree on how Russell handled the Blackjack challenge which ultimately lead to his elimination from Big Break Indian Wells.  

Host Analysis- Watch Now 

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