Web Exclusive Videos from Show Three


The players got their chance to tackle the infamous “Glass Breaking” challenge in show three.  This challenge surely didn’t disappoint with the amount of drama and entertainment it generated.  The players were divided into three teams of three.  The top three money leaders had their chance to create their dream team to take on the glass breaking challenge.  It looked like Kent was a team of one! He single handedly smashed four out of the nine glass panes all by himself.  He was definitely on fire!

On to the drama filled elimination challenge where Robbie “Shank” went up against Justin.  Going into the elimination challenge “Shank” already had a half point lead over Justin, but “Shank” was given the chance to wage half of his earnings to buy an additional half point which gave him a full point lead over Justin.  “Shank” jumped at the chance to buy the half point.  Well that wager paid off and “Shank” won and he is onto show four.  Unfortunately, someone has to go home and Justin’s luck ran out.  Watch Justin’s exit interview as he talks to Host, Tom Abbott, about why he tried out for Big Break Indian Wells, what he thought of “Shank” buying the half point and his thoughts on his overall performance on Big Break Indian Wells. 

Justin’s Exit Interview- Watch Now

Watch as the players sit around and let loose during Happy Hour after day three of the competition.  Hear what the guys had to say about “Shank” buying the half point during the elimination challenge with Justin.  Do you think “Shank” did the right thing by buying the half point? Would you have done the same thing?

Happy Hour- Watch Now

The hosts of Big Break Indian Wells, Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks have different opinions about how “Shank” handled the elimination challenge.  Find out what they are in this week’s Host Analysis.

Host Analysis- Watch Now

Finally, John has been inspired by his short time on Big Break Indian Wells, so much so, that he wrote a song about the show called “It’s a Grind”.

It’s a Grind- Watch Now

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