Big Break Mexico Episode 8 Blog: The Best Shot


There’s a lot of downtime during a shoot day on Big Break, so there’s a lot of time for the cast to talk and get to know each other. Everyone on the cast, and some of us on the crew knew that Jay’s wife was headed in for an ultrasound, during which she’d find out the sex of their baby. I was doing interviews with Jay every night, and I remember the night of episode 7 all of the small talk was about finding out if he was having a son or daughter. He was so excited. In the morning, they were kind enough to do a phone call at breakfast for episode 8 and reveal that Jay was having a son! And I’m happy to announce that just a few weeks ago baby Trey was born. Congrats to Jay and Erin from all of us at Big Break!

Big Break Mexico

To think the day was just getting started! You know, I’ve worked in golf television for 10 years now, and what we were about to see doesn’t unfold very often. Even sitting in a TV truck at a PGA Tour event, there may be 15 guys in a position to make a move, and maybe one of them makes it happen. To watch two players, under elimination pressure, play lights out, and make it happen at the same time is pretty special. I remember listening to the scoring producers call over the radio when Liebelei’s bunker shot rolled in. It was an exclamation of surprise and astonishment that’s unprintable, but pretty understandable.

I remember when we finished shooting this episode. I was sitting at a table with several other producers, eating a much delayed lunch, and I remember the consensus was, under the circumstances, with all that it meant, that might be the best shot anyone’s ever hit on the show. Ever.

And then we went to work reworking show nine’s challenges. You see, normally for a playoff we replay the last hole of the challenge until a winner is determined. That way if we end up needing four playoff holes to determine a winner, we can cut the first three and just show the last one. But at the point this episode ends, we have two holes of regulation, and two holes of playoff golf with both players at 4-under par. (By the way, if you’re keeping score at home, Brent is 7-under par through seven holes of elimination at this point in the series!)  What would we cut? The hole where they both had a look at eagle? The solution we came up with, was cut a challenge out of the next show, and turn this into a 2-parter.

See you next week!

Jon Painter - Series Producer