The Shot Heard 'Round the (Big Break) World


I would like to start this blog by answering the numerous emails that flooded the Big Break inbox regarding the “to be continued” playoff between Brent and Liebelei. While MOST of the messages were very complimentary to the golf (and deservedly so) there were some that wondered why it was necessary to do a “to be continued” ending. It boils down to one simple factor. Time. Immediately after this epic duel concluded, the collective group of producers got together on the 7th green and unanimously decided there was no way we could rob the viewers of this incredible match by editing out ANY of this Elimination Challenge.. Unfortunately we can only show so much golf in an hour. So we decided to kill the advantage challenge from this week’s show which made room for the final hole from Brent and Liebelei. For the sake of compassion, I totally understand the frustration involved with watching a show that is “to be continued”. I also know what it is like to squeeze too much golf into an episode and it simply becomes a highlight show, which is something we strive very hard to avoid. So please know, it was the best solution to a problem that we would love to have again.

It was a lot of fun for me to edit this episode and relive what it was like to have the privilege of seeing it all go down in person. I was relaying the information of what was happening via walkie talkie to our production assistants who keep copious field notes and I remember as she was getting set to hit the shot, I heard our director instructing the cameras (also via walkie talkie) that if Liebelei didn’t hole out from the bunker then the cameras needed to be ready for handshakes and goodbyes. When the ball went in, there was a strange moment of silence/shock which was quickly followed by an audible gasp from the entire crew and screaming from the players at Safe City. And then I just remember excitedly yelling “it went in! it went in!” into my walkie. Truly a moment I will never forget. Pound for pound, considering all that was on the line, I will go on an editorial record as saying that was the biggest moment in Big Break history. So congratulations Liebelei, your visions of making The List have come true and I for one thank you for the moment.

Chris Graham
Big Break Mexico Series Producer