Big Break NFL Producer Blog: Back & Forth


It’s fitting that we’re all surrounded by ocean waves crashing onto the Puerto Rican shore as the tide comes in.  The action from Episode 8 shows how the tide the game play goes back and forth with just as much consistency.
Teams Rypien & Brown grabbed perfect scores out of the gate.  Teams Doleman and Rice are scrappy, and keep finding immunity; while the previously feared Team Bulger has hit a brick wall.
As our season heats up for a finale, every shot counts that much more.  Nerves show.    
If you haven’t missed any of the action thus far, don’t worry about it… because the pace is about to pick up, and the stakes are much higher.
From my own notes during the shoot:
-    What happened to Bulger?  Over-“coached” by Chad?  
-    We’ll all miss Z and her flair
-    Team Brown dodges a bullet, yet again.  They take turns showing up.  How much longer will they last like this?
-    From Friend to Foes then Foes to Friends...   Team Doleman has been riding waves for this whole season.  What will they be next episode?
-    Love the James and Chad battle – 2 egos flexing.  Will James have enough left in his tank to carry his team?
Keep your life jackets close, the waves are only getting higher.