Big Break NFL Puerto Rico Season Finale Producer Blog


As the saying goes, All good things must come to an end.   

And, like any great Championship football game, the Big Break NFL Puerto Rico Championship did not disappoint.  Sure, it had all of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but it also had another very special ingredient – you got to know everyone.

What a pleasure and thrill it has been to have you watching along with us as we’ve gotten to know a lot more about all of our BBNFL participants.  Where else can you watch former NFL greats trash talk each other over golf shots at breakfast?!

Today’s finale had some good back and forth momentum.  Did you predict the champions?

How many of you thought that Team Doleman’s infighting and drama would make them strong enough (and angry enough) to take home the trophy?

And… how many of you have watched Jerry Rice enough in the past to know how he rarely loses any sort of championship?

Regardless of what you imagined, the proverbial final whistle has blown, and the Big Break NFL Champions have been crowned.  Congratulations to ALL of our players for making this season one to remember.

Things that I’ve learned from this season:
•    Puerto Rico is beautiful, and should be visited as often as possible (especially if you can stay at the Dorado Beach Resort.  Seriously.  Wow.
•    Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Al del Greco, Mark Rypien, Chris Doleman, and Marc Bulger are all great guys that are the exact opposite of divas. I’m an even bigger fan of each than I was before we started.
•    Jerry Rice is freakishly talented.  Period.
•    The frogs in Puerto Rico are louder than an average truck horn.
•    The passion to compete and to win is a universal, trans-socio-economic, trans-cultural, trans-sport, trans-human phenomenon.  It is the great equalizer.
•    Wear sunscreen.

Many thanks to everyone behind the scenes at the Golf Channel – my brothers in arms.  It takes literally hundreds of people to create and execute each season of Big Break.  The time and dedication that it takes is often unsung.  So… THANK YOU!!!