Big Break NFL Puerto Rico Show 7 Producer Blog


Everyone on the Big Break NFL Puerto Rico cast was excited to see Chi Chi Rodriguez on the range and on the course.  But perhaps none were more thankful than Team Brown’s Mallory Blackwelder.

According to Mallory, “if it wasn’t for Chi Chi I might not be here today.”  No, this is not some bizarre Big Break paternity case.  It turns out Chi Chi gave Mallory’s dad his first caddying job in Greensboro, North Carolina back in 1976.

Worth Blackwelder would go on to loop for several players on various tours, eventually meeting Myra Van Hoose during LPGA Q-School.  The couple married in 1981.  Mallory was born in 1987.  Her middle name is Elizabeth, not Chi Chi.  (Go figure.)

Well, there may have been one person who was more thankful for Chi Chi than Mallory: Julien Trudeau, Mallory’s Big Break Ireland cast-mate, who also now happens to be her fiancé.

It’s all one big happy family.

Speaking of happy families, how ‘bout that Team Doleman??

There are things in life that are easily understood, like the recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or the allure of Honey Boo Boo.  And then there are the mysteries in life, like how the deli can fold cheese slices into cellophane sheets in such a way that you can never really free them without mutilating the cheese.  Or the allure of Honey Boo Boo.

So far the greatest mystery in Big Break NFL Puerto Rico is how Team Doleman has managed to go undefeated.  After the infamous “Doleman Double” in last week’s episode, it seems a kinder, gentler blue team showed up this time around.

Still, losing the first Immunity Challenge after sending two players to the final location could break a lesser team, and Shannon Fish was clearly becoming frustrated as the episode wore on.  But she cowgirled up when her number was called, and ultimately helped set the stage for Brian Cooper’s Big Moment, Part II (the first being at Greenbrier, when he took down Ray Beaufils in episode 5).

Now that Team Doleman appears to have put their dysfunction behind them, they could be the most fearsome threesome in this competition.  At least figuratively, they’ve been to hell and back and the bond they’re forming as a result of the shared experience could make them deadly.  Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, did you know that Jerry Rice was clocked at 4.71 seconds in the 40-yard dash prior to the 1985 NFL draft?

After Isaac hit the winning shot in the first Immunity Challenge, Jerry ran the roughly 185 yards it took to reach the group hug in about 25 seconds, or a little over 5 seconds per 40.

With Isaac and Emily possessing the ability to hit the money shot in any given challenge, Team Rice has to be included in any discussion of the series’ most dangerous teams at this point.  Since earning their loss in episode 3, the aggressive, “go big or go home attitude” has been paying off.  And of course, with that X in the Loss column, they have to go big, or they’ll be going home.

Speaking of going home, Team Bulger might never know how close they came to possibly being eliminated from this week’s episode.  In private discussions that were left on the cutting room floor, Team Doleman originally selected the yellow team, only to re-consider on the grounds that Mark Rypien had a better chance than Marc Bulger to reach the green at Location 2.

In the end, their desire to not give Rypien’s team a free pass (and keep them undefeated) outweighed their willingness to create a Doleman-Bulger matchup, and they switched back to Team Rypien.  Of course, it’s impossible to know how a Team Doleman-Team Bulger Sudden Death would have played out.  And Rypien nearly flared his first shot O.B.

Speaking of Team Rypien, they’re of the mind that earning their first loss can have a positive effect on them for the rest of the competition.  Why not?  So far it’s worked for Team Brown and Team Rice.
Okay, that’s enough bad segues for one week.  Read on for a few interesting notes from episode 7:

- Chi Chi’s birth name is Juan Antonio Rodriguez.  A baseball player in his formative years, he ‘borrowed’ his famous nickname from a Puerto Rican beisbol legend, Chi Chi Flores.

- The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation, Inc. was established in 1979 in Clearwater, Florida to help at-risk youth achieve academic success.  In the last 5 years it has generated approximately $3 million toward its cause and since its founding has served over 25,000 children and families.

- Remember when Brian brought the 64 degree wedge specifically for the flop wall? The results were forgettable, at least until Coop tossed the offending stick into the drink.  Isaac Sanchez brought a special driver to PR in case of a long drive, and he used it at the driving location of the first Immunity Challenge.  It’s got a 47½ inch shaft and 5 degrees of loft.  And it works.  Man, does it work.

- Meghan Hardin and Shannon, the two combatants at Location 1 of the Sudden Death Challenge, were the first and second players eliminated from Big Break Atlantis, respectively.

- James Lepp eliminated Brian from episode 8 of Big Break Greenbrier.  The elimination match consisted of three holes of stroke play and James went 2-under, including a 30-footer for birdie on the second hole.  Brian was even par over the three holes.