Amaze Friends on the Green Using a New Putter


Some golfers thrive on the green, but the rest of us could use a little improvement when it comes to putting. Whatever your skill level, its always nice to have a reliable putter in the bag. The blades and mallets below span the spectrum from traditional to quirky and innovative, but none of them will disappoint.
Ping iWi Putters
Instead of carrying multiple putters, the iWi allows golfers to simply change the weight of one by inserting 20- or 28-gram tungsten weights (sold separately) to match anyones stroke. Each iWi series putter comes standard with two 12-gram stainless steel sole weights and a two-piece face insert. These help to provide the outstanding feel and performance found in Ping putters for nearly 50 years. Six models are available to suit anyones tastes, ranging from the classic-looking Anser to the bolder Craz-E model.

Cleveland Classic Satin Putters
Simplicity is the key to this series which offers a basic look but delivers big results. Like all Cleveland Classic putters, the satin is designed with a precision milled face for a soft yet solid feel during the stroke. The hand-polished finish minimizes glare and provides a long-lasting, durable coating while a single sight line makes it easy to line up shots. Choose from three models ' a mallet, a blade with a half-shaft offset and another blade with a full-shaft offset.

F2 Hamilton Series Insert Putters
Weight is distributed to the extreme perimeters of the ball-striking area to create a bigger sweet spot for superior distance control on off-center hits. The dome-textured face has more secure contact points to touch the dimpled golf ball and send it rolling more accurately on its intended line. Both the mallet and blade models feature a centered framing alignment that is roughly the width of a ball to aid golfers at address.

NIKE OZ Milled Series Putters
The OZ line provides all the tools necessary to help players achieve perfect putts. Large grips provide stability through the stroke, high MOI mallets and forgiving blades increase impact stability and high-performance polymer inserts ensure true roll and feel. Nike offers OZ putters in six eclectic styles ' some are traditional while others satisfy golfers with a slightly more adventurous palette.

TaylorMade Monza Itsy Bitsy Spider Putter
As its name suggests, the Itsy Bitsy Monza Spider is smaller than the original Monza Spider. It was created at the request of Tour pros who wanted a mid-size Monza Spider that, like the original, is extremely forgiving, easy to aim and delivers excellent roll. The putter is characterized by its fancy-looking steel wire frame that positions more weight on the perimeter for better shots on off-center hits. Two models are available, including one with a plumbers-neck hosel for a full- shaft offset and another with a double-bend shaft and 3/4 offset.

Bill Kliewer is senior equipment advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.