Fairway Woods All The Rage


Constant innovations in driver technology and the emergence of hybrids often dominate discussions about new clubs. However, fairway woods have quietly been improving each year, and it would be a mistake to overlook these new 2008 models.
Nike SQ Sumo2
The distinct square shape of Nikes SQ Sumo2 Fairway Wood is no accident ' the club is geometrically designed to give golfers incredible accuracy, distance and forgiveness. The square head provides a ridiculously high Moment of Inertia (MOI) for less twisting of the club, allowing lots of leeway on miss-hits. Additionally, the club face incorporates Nikes updated body shaping technology to generate maximum ball speed. With the SQ Sumo2, you will enjoy more consistently-accurate shots and even get lucky when the club corrects many of your mistakes. It may also become the most versatile club in your set thanks to the Monorail sole for easy hits from any lie.
Cleveland HiBore XLS
When it comes to consistently hitting long shots, size can matter. Thats why Clevelands HiBore XLS Fairway Woods feature a 25-percent larger head and 19-percent larger club face than the original HiBore. The head is sizeable enough that it offers fantastic MOI, but is still light-weight enough to promote increased club speed. The face features so much surface area that it rarely produces a bad shot, so even less-than-great hits often result in excellent ball speed and accuracy.
Adams Insight XTD a3 Hybrid-FW and a3OS Hybrid-FW
The Adams Insight XTD a3 Hybrid-FW combines the versatility of a hybrid with the power of a fairway wood. Built for advanced golfers with medium-to-fast swings, it features the same patented Boxer Technology as the companys popular hybrids to deliver a MOI higher than that of traditional fairway woods. The unique sole design reduces ground contact by 22 percent compared to most bulky fairway woods, making it playable on almost any surface. Its also a good option for hitting off a tee when a driver may get you into trouble. Adams also offers the Insight XTD a3OS Hyrbrid-FW with the same innovations as the a3 model, but intended for golfers with slower swings. A slight offset helps create optimal launch and eliminate slice.
Callaway FT-i Squareway
Much like the Nike Sumo SQ2, the Callaway FT-i Squareway Woods have a square-shaped club head thats hardly conventional, but delivers results. Using the same technology as the FT-i driver, the club head is designed to shift weight to the back, heel and toe of the club for high MOI and a low center of gravity. This results in excellent forgiveness across the club face and produces high-soaring shots. The cutting-edge weight distribution of the club head also means its extremely stable, allowing Callaway to fit it with the longest shaft of any fairway wood the company has ever produced. Enjoy increased club speed and more distance without the sacrifice in accuracy generally associated with longer shafts.
Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse, the worlds largest online golf store.