Find Greener Pastures with the Right Putter


Having trouble sinking putts? Join the club. All of us could use a helping hand on the green, and it never hurts to be equipped with a trusty putter. No concept or design is off limits in todays market, so take a look at the eclectic mix of putters below ' you might find one that brings out the best in your game.
Heavy Putter Deep Face Black Series
Deep Face technology raises the center of gravity (CG) so it closely aligns with the equator of the ball, allowing the golfer to simply raise the putter just above the surface to hit the sweet spot. This optimal transfer of energy results in better roll and more consistent distance control. The aptly-named Heavy Putter automatically engages the large muscles of the chest, shoulders and back to promote a proper pendulum stroke. Two models in the popular Deep Face Series ' the C2-B (blade) and G3-B (mallet) ' are now available in a beautiful black PVD finish.

Frankly Golf Frog
Two heavy tungsten weights positioned low and behind the face give this putter its frog-like shape and also create an extremely high MOI for solid contact on off-center hits. The mallet-style Frog features white sight lines which intersect at the center for easy alignment while the milled aluminum face provides a crisp feel. Golfers can pick from two striking colors in shiny finishes ' black and, of course, green.

Tour Edge BackDraft Putters
Available in five unique models, the Backdrafts heavy feel and high MOI help keep the putter square throughout the stroke so more putts find the hole. An aluminum absorption bar directly behind the sweet spot minimizes vibration for a remarkable feel and is the same width as the ball, making it the perfect alignment aid. Available in nine models, there is enough selection for anyone to find one that suits their preferences.

Adams DIXX BLU Digital Instruction Putters
The Dixx BLU features ' get this! ' an internal computer with a full-color LCD monitor behind the face thats clearly visible at address. Utilizing an Inertial Navigation System, it identifies the putter's face position in relation to the ball at impact and tracks the player's swing path and face angle. It offers instant feedback to help golfers analyze their strokes on the spot, making it the perfect practice aid. An interchangeable weight can be used in lieu of the computer terminal to make the putter legal in all settings.

hammY Milled Face Putter
In baseball, bunting the ball requires an open stance where the batter faces the pitcher with both eyes, and spreads his or her hands apart. The folks who created the hammY milled-faced putter believe this is how golfers should putt, too. This is why it features an innovative split grip and triple-bend shaft to accommodate and encourage the use of an open stance on the green. The company claims that, with the hammY, golfers keep the same aligned perspective, can read the green easier, localize the target and maintain the same alignment at impact. Unconventional as it may seem, the hammY is a risk-free investment ' return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

Bill Kliewer is senior equipment advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.