Golfers are constantly bombarded with tips and magic-bullet solutions which promise to immediately lower scores. With so many game-improvement offerings available, picking the ones that actually lead to favorable results can be difficult. The products below have proved to work and are among the hottest items on the market.
Medicus PowerMeter Swing Speed Meter
This lightweight device fits into the palm of your hand and clamps onto the shaft of any club for portable and accurate digital swing-speed measurement. Golfers can monitor progress and fine-tune their strokes during practice sessions to achieve the perfect amount of power for better and more consistent shots. The PowerMeter is a relatively risk-free investment as Medicus offers a 60-day trial at a reasonable price.


THE Golf Mat by Vijay Singh
The ability to get in a little quality practice from home can do wonders for anyones game. THE Golf Mat is the only artificial surface to provide the same sensation of give at impact as taking a divot off natural grass. This allows players to take the proper down-and-through swing motion that leads to great shots on the course. Endorsed by Vijay Singh and developed using feedback from PGA Tour players, leading teaching professionals and college coaches, THE Golf Mat can be coupled with a hitting net to provide the perfect backyard practice area. Or take it to the range to avoid hitting balls off those hard, old rubber mats that cause bad swing habits.


Dynamics Swing Glove
This revolutionary product employs Swing Gear Technology, an innovative hinged-plate that keeps the wrists and hands in proper position through the entire swing. It helps to guide the wrist to the proper cock angle at the top, preventing bending at the wrong time to ensure golfers remain perfectly balanced. Whether from the tee, fairway or on and around the green, the Swing Glove delivers the consistency needed for lower scores.


SKLZ Practice Pod Alignment Aid
Eliminate swing faults before they start with this portable alignment aid that promotes correct ball position as well as proper distance from the ball for every club. This game-improvement tool is fully adjustable to your stance and sets up quickly so you can use it anywhere. Its a cost-effective alternative for those who dont have time or money for expensive lessons


Check-Go Pro Sweet Spot Finder
Golf balls are claimed to be inherently lopsided when they leave the factory, and this can lead to inaccurate putts and less distance off the tee. The Sweet Spot Finder, a cup-shaped machine that runs on battery power, corrects this problem by spinning the ball at 10,000 RPM. This realigns the ball's variance in mass along the equator so the ball no longer has a tendency to wobble. The result is improved accuracy on the green and longer drives. It also allows golfers to pinpoint the sweet spot of the ball for optimal results on all shots.


Editor's note: Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.