Golf Balls to Help Golfers Stay Ahead


The game of golf has changed drastically since its origins, thanks largely to technological innovations in equipment. Of course, its not just the clubs that have changed but the balls, as well. Every golfer should help themselves by taking advantage of the best balls on the market, and the options below are all winners.
Nike Power Distance Series
Nikes Power Distance series offers three types of balls to suit a variety of preferences for mid- to high handicappers. The Soft design delivers extraordinary feel, the Straight ball hangs in the air just a bit longer for maximum carry and the Long offers high-octane initial velocity for incredible power. Each ball features a Super Flex Core on the inside to help cut down on sidespin and provide ideal feedback at impact.

Titleist NFL Logo DT Roll Golf Balls
Football fans can proudly display their allegiances on the course with the NFL Logo DT Roll balls, available in 25 different team designs. Titleist also made sure to pack these babies with the top performance features available: a cover that provides soft feel and ideal greenside control, plus a responsive core for a penetrating ball flight. With the holidays just around the corner, they make perfect stocking stuffers for the sports fanatic in the family.

Bridgestone e7+
Engineered for players seeking longer distance and medium-to-high ball flight, the e7+ helps golfers achieve a piercing trajectory even in windy conditions. The inner core and mantle, which add power to shots, are wrapped in a seamless cover for uniform dimple coverage on the entire ball surface. This provides superior aerodynamics, so golfers can hit with Tour-proven consistency and pinpoint accuracy.

Precept Lady iQ 180 Series Golf Balls
Perhaps the softest womens golf ball on the market, the Lady IQ 180, was developed for optimal performance at slower swing speeds. The core features Gradational Compression Technology that adds distance with all clubs, while the cover reduces sidespin to improve accuracy. The balls come in four bright colors, including pink, clear, white and pink/yellow for an exciting look to go along with the performance-enhancing features.

Srixon Soft Feel
Ideal for a wide range of players, this balls core becomes progressively softer toward the center to maximize energy transfer for greater distance from tee to green. It also helps produce higher trajectory and greater lift for a high, long ball flight while offering a soft, buttery feel that any golfer can appreciate. The Hit Straight alignment aid provides the clear path toward the intended target to put fun back into the game.

Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.