Hybrids Best of Both Worlds


Todays hybrid-iron sets exemplify how far golf technology has come. Among the most important features of these advanced clubs is that each offers a very high moment of inertia (MOI). High MOI means the club twists less upon impact for better distance and accuracy on mis-hits. As a result, novices and veterans alike improve their consistency. With other features designed to help golfers play better, these sets make the game easier and more enjoyable than ever.
Nike Sumo SQ2


The Sumo SQ2 iron/hybrid set combines versatility with the same technology that makes the rest of the Sumo series such a hit. The irons (8-PW) employ the Powerbow weighting system that moves the center of gravity low and deep to increase MOI, giving golfers the forgiveness they need. Each iron is also fitted with soft-vibration inserts so clubs deliver exceptional feel upon contact. For longer shots, the hybrids (clubs 4-7) feature updated body-shaping technology to optimize distance.
Adams Idea Mens a3 OS


Standout clubs in this easy-to-use set include the hybrids (3-5), which employ Adams proven boxer technology to boost the MOI level for consistently long and accurate shots. Each hybrid is also built with a cambered sole to aid the club head as it cuts through the turf, encouraging a smoother swing. Additionally, every hybrid-iron (6-8) is designed to promote a high launch for better distance while the cavity-back irons (9-PW) are extremely reliable on shorter approach shots.
King Cobra Transition-S


This eight-club set consists of utility metals (clubs 3-5), hybrid irons (6, 7) and wide-sole irons (8 ' PW). It is made for players with slower swing speeds. With an extra-low center of gravity and high MOI, the Transition-S set is specifically intended to help players get the ball in the air. Built to encourage a draw-biased flight and cut down on slice, this set is ideal for mid-to-high handicappers.
Cleveland HiBore


These are the ultimate game-enhancing clubs, thanks to a bevy of features benefiting forgiveness. The club face and hosel are cast as one piece, so there are no welding spots on the hitting surface. Hibore irons are also built with a hollow design, pushing the center of gravity six times deeper compared to normal irons. These features combine to make the sweet spot so large that even mis-hits end up going long and straight.
Editor's note: Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com), the worlds largest online golf store.