Its All in the Approach


While long-distance drives make for great stories, most shots are taken within 125 yards of the pin. Thats why a decent short-range game is often what separates good from mediocre golfers. The culprit for many who arent satisfied with their play from close range may be their clubs, and upgrading to any of these wedges can lead to noticeable improvements.
Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Tour Chrome and Oil Can Wedges
The latest offering by legendary wedge designer Bob Vokey, the Vokey Spin Milled Tour Wedges from Titleist help golfers stick it close from the fairway or the rough. The club face and grooves are cut using Titleists milling process to produce incredible friction upon contact. More friction leads to more spin on the ball, and spin is the secret behind excellent shot control. The wedges come in Tour Chrome and Oil Can finishes for two unique looks.

Ping Tour-W Brushed Silver and Black Nickel Wedges
With precisely-machined grooves and a compact tear-drop head, the Ping Tour-W allows golfers to achieve pinpoint control of their wedge shots. The back is stabilized by a tungsten toe weight that increases moment of inertia (MOI) for extra forgiveness on mis-hits. Ping offers the clubs in both Brushed Silver and Black Nickel finishes, and will customize them upon request to suit specific loft, lie and grind requirements.

Cleveland CG14 Chrome and Black Pearl Wedges
Cleveland continues to be a dominant force amongst wedge manufacturers, and the forgiving CG14 Chrome Wedges should only help solidify that reputation. The Zip Grooves on the face channel out debris to maximize ball spin. Furthermore, the back of the head is fit with a gel insert that reduces vibration, so shots feel soft even on poor contact. The CG14 is available in two colors ' Black Pearl (sleek dark finish) and Chrome.

Bobby Jones-Pelz Wedge Collection by Jesse Ortiz and Dave Pelz
World-famous club designer Jesse Ortiz and short-game expert Dave Pelz have teamed up to create a classic-looking wedge with exceptional longevity and playability. The ultra-durable clubs feature grooves designed to maintain the same shape and produce the same spin for three years ' an incredibly long time for any frequently-used wedge to stay in like-new condition. Pelz wedges are made using a special heat and pressure manufacturing process, garnering the line a reputation as having an exceptional feel.

Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.