Launch into Fall with the Best Fairway Woods


When irons wont provide the distance needed for a particular shot ' or when a driver provides too much ' a reliable and accurate fairway wood is an essential club to have in the bag. Whether youre looking for longer distance, more forgiveness or faster ball speed, there are tons of great fairway woods from which to choose. Check out some of the most technologically advanced must haves in the game.
Adams Insight Tech a4 & a4OS Hybrid-FW Woods
The a4OS and a4 hybrids offer tour-proven options for golfers of all skill levels. Loaded with high-grade materials and engineered with the latest technologies, the a4OS appeals to the vast majority of golfers looking for more forgiveness, higher ball flight and extra distance. Meanwhile, the A4 model is designed for advanced players, promoting a lower launch angle and hotter ball speed than its counterpart.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Fairway Woods
This dandy can help any beginner or intermediate golfer immediately experience better results. Weight in the club head is concentrated in the back heel area for fast rotation through the swing, so players can hit long-bombs that dont slice into the woods. Also, the RE*AX graphite shaft is designed to increase distance while the low-and-back center of gravity produces high launch so the ball gets airborne with impressive consistency.

PING G10 Fairway Woods
The lightweight G10 offers plenty of forgiveness and features optimal center-of-gravity placement to help deliver long, high-launching shots. The low-profile head combines with a long, shallow face for easy use from all types of lies, making the club ultra-versatile. In addition, an internal weight pad fitted into the club helps minimize spin and increase ball speed. To top it off, the orange-and-black color scheme is simple but sharp-looking and will impress friends and co-workers during any round.

Wilson Staff Spine Fairway Woods
Wilson is at the forefront of club head geometry shaping, and it shows in the high-MOI Staff Spine that provides explosive distance and amazing accuracy. Perimeter weighting produces a high moment of inertia (MOI) for forgiveness on almost any off-center hit, making this club easy to use. The Proforce V2 shaft is designed for players seeking a flatter, more penetrating ball flight with low torque that offers maximum control for todays larger club heads.

Hippo Hex Fairway Wood
The Hexs unique hexagonal shape separates this club from the pack. It allows for optimum weight distribution, reducing the effect of side spin. Its aero-dynamic design reduces drag on the backswing and generates higher head speed upon impact. Most important, the club is easy to hit from all lies thanks to its advanced toe design and an extremely high MOI as a result of its perimeter weighting.

Bill Kliewer is senior equipment advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.