Make Life Easier Accessorize


Sometimes in golf the littlest things can make the biggest differences, which is why tons of accessories flood the market each season. With so many offerings, picking something thats actually worthwhile can be a chore. However, the following products are a cut above the rest and wont leave you with buyers remorse.
TaylorMade Stratus Glove
Stratus gloves help keep golfers cool and dry under the pressure of the game. Breathable Coolmax panels and micro-perforated pores across the surface allow for plenty of airflow so moisture doesnt become a factor. Additionally, the durable, 100-percent leather construction ensures a long-lasting grip and peak performance while maintaining a comfortable fit.
BigLite Putter Grip
For some, a jumbo-sized putter grip like the BigLite may be just what the doctor ordered to get over those disappointing performances on the green. It helps to reduce grip pressure, eliminate wrist breakdowns, promote a pendulum stroke and keep the putter head square. Unlike other gigantic putter grips, this is made of a super-light material that makes it 50- to 60-percent lighter than the competition.
Trion Z Active Minus Magnetic/Ion Bracelet
The Active infuses the same the technology thats made Trion Z products so popular among professional athletes into a waterproof band for the perfect blend of performance and looks. The bracelet is woven with Stayerst technology that produces game-enhancing minus ions and utilizes magnetic fields to help improve results on the course. Colorful, stylish and comfortable, its available in eight striking colors and comes in small, medium and large.
17 Green SkyLinks Hybrid Travel Bag
Direct from the concourse to the golf course. Protect your clubs with this hybrid travel bag. Its ideal for the occasional traveler, thanks to its sturdy construction, lightweight comfort and good looks. A rugged and durable Shellskin top covers club heads for maximum protection against scuffs and dirt. The bag also has nine pockets, including a cooler pouch for drinks and another to safeguard valuables. The molded base comes with inline wheels for easy rolling and extra convenience.
G-Clip 4-In-1 Compact Golf Tool
The G-Clip organizes accessories in a convenient belt clip, so golfers dont have to fish around in their pockets to find ball markers, repair tools or golf tees. The stainless steel divot tool properly aerates and repairs greens while doubling as a club rest. This handy clip is so light it wont weigh you down during play and even features a Velcro strip to hold a golf glove between shots.

Bill Kliewer is senior equipment advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.