Make life easier with the hottest hybrids


As many golfers know, hitting consistently solid shots using low irons is no easy feat. Thats why hybrid clubs, which incorporate characteristics of irons and fairways woods, have become very popular in recent years. If you feel your bag is missing something, these hybrids are among the top choices in the game:
PING G10 Hybrid Utility Woods
Engineered with a sloped crown to create a high-launch and solid feel, these hybrid utility woods are a versatile alternative to mid and long irons. Each club features a weight pad running parallel to the ground. This positions the center of gravity low and back in the head, increasing launch angle and reducing spin. Beef up your bag with six loft options which provide replacements for the 1-6 irons.


Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrids
With its hybrids ranking as the most-played on the 2008 PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours, Adams Golf engineers have now developed the Pro Gold series using feedback from the worlds best golfers. Boxer Technology delivers advanced geometric shaping for higher MOI, resulting in more forgiveness on off-center hits. All five loft combinations retain the look, feel and workability that have helped earn the Idea Pro hybrid its stellar reputation.


Nickent Golf 4DX Ironwoods
These gems from Nickent Golf incorporate an ultra-light titanium crown. The result: weight is distributed where it is needed most ' in the heel and toe to maximize MOI for outstanding forgiveness. Boasting some of the most sophisticated weight-placement technology in the game, the clubs also incorporate Tungsten-polymer XW inserts to help dampen vibration and improve shot control. The taller face design creates less spin and a more penetrating ball flight.


Tour Edge Exotics XCG Hybrid Utility Woods
These hybrids incorporate the companys no-weld technology. The titanium cup face and crown are combo-brazed to the body and heat-cured for permanent bonding, eliminating unnecessary weld weight. This allows more weight to be transferred to the sole for extreme stability and a deep center of gravity for higher shots. Further enhancing the clubs playability is the bottom of the head, designed to minimize ground contact and make the XCG Hybrid easy to hit from any lie.


Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz Hybrid Utility Woods
Designed to replace the long irons while maintaining a classic look, these sticks are shorter in length to increase accuracy and help golfers get the ball out of all lies. The clean, symmetrical head shape allows for easy alignment while the contoured sole reduces drag. With such playability, the clubs truly live up to the high standards of their legendary designer.


Editor's note: Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.