Power Up with the Best Fairway Woods


Every bag should include a good set of fairway woods for those long-distance shots where neither your hybrids nor irons will do the trick. Of course, they also come in handy when you need to find the fairway off the tee. The following clubs will help ensure that you dont fall short of the green on your next approach shot.
Wilson Fybrid
This six-club set is engineered to eliminate distance gaps and features #3 and #5 woods to go along with four hybrids. The unique sole design prevents the clubs from bouncing into the ball at impact, which is the leading cause of thin shots. Additionally, the heel and toe is designed to enhance playability from side hill lies, making the clubs a go-to.


Tour Edge XCG
The XCG is Tour Edges most forgiving fairway wood yet thanks to the large titanium cup face, which produces blistering shots time after. In contrast to the light face and crown, the steel body optimally distributes weight to the low and deep in the club head to further increase moment of inertia (MOI). To top it off, the cutting-edge sole design further ensures that golfers can get the ball in the air with remarkable consistency.


Cobra Speed LD-F and LD-M
Tackle tight lies and rough with confidence using these little beauties. Setting these sticks apart from the pack is the large face design and low-and-back center of gravity for incredible forgiveness and high trajectory shots. Cobra offers both the LD-F model, designed for players with fast swing speeds and the LD-M for moderate-to-slow strokes, in lofts of 15.5, 18 and 21 to ensure that all distance gaps are covered.


Nickent Golf 4DX
Available in four lofts, the 4DX produces shots with high launch and high trajectory to ensure that the ball leaves the turf. The key is the super thin titanium crown which allows Nickent to raise the MOI to extreme levels, making it easy for golfers to achieve a penetrating ball flight that lands softly. By reducing weight in the crown, Nickent is also able to incorporate its XW inserts into the head which dampen vibrations and help golfers control the direction of their shots.


TaylorMade Steel Burner
Featuring a large steel clubhead with weight distributed low and far back, TaylorMade claims that the Steel Burner delivers the highest MOI of any fairway wood on the market. Theres no doubt that golfers will be hard-pressed to find a club that offers more forgiveness on off-center hits. It also comes with a light TaylorMade RE*AX graphite shaft and Arrow lite grip to promote faster swing speed for added distance.


Editor's note: Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com), the worlds largest online golf store.