Stay out of Trouble Hit it Straight


Too many golfers approach the first tee with butterflies in their stomachs, terrified theyll hit either the dreaded banana slice or another undesirable shot. To overcome this, they receive constant barrages of advice from co-workers and friends. If the counsel isnt helping, it may be worth checking out some clubs which work in synch with your swing tendencies or practice aids to help overhaul your game altogether.
Callaway Mens FT-i Driver
Callaway offers a draw-biased version of this popular model in which the center of gravity is positioned closer to the heel to reduce slices or fades. The ultra-light carbon-composite material allows weight to be distributed to the extreme corners of the club for enhanced forgiveness while the titanium face provides explosive power for added distance. All things considered, the draw-biased FT-i is perfect for shaping the ideal shot.


SKLZ Smart Glove
One of the keys to a good golf swing is a firm left wrist at impact. The Smart Glove features a rigid guide that keeps the wrist in the correct position, encouraging proper mechanics which can lead to significant improvements. The guide is easy to remove so golfers can practice with it to get the proper feel and then take it out to make the glove legal for official play.


NIKE Mens Ignite Irons
Consisting of cavity-back irons (four through pitching wedge) and a hybrid to replace the three iron, the Ignite set is an excellent choice for mid-to-high handicappers. The deep undercut cavity and generous offset of the irons help golfers generate a high launch and tame the slice to build confidence. Meanwhile, the hybrid is easy to hit compared to a conventional three iron, and its thin face and low profile lead to long and accurate shots.


SmartPath Golf Swing Trainer
Create the perfect ball flight with the SmartPath Swing Trainer, voted the Best New Product of 2007 at the PGA Fall Expo and backed by Tiger Woods instructor Hank Haney. With this hitting surface, the ball rests between a series of posts that guide the swing so it matches that of 95 percent of Tour pros. The device works with any club in the bag and is also portable, so golfers can practice with it at home or on the range.


APV Power Stance Swing Trainer
Few things are more important in generating distance and accuracy than balance and set up. And nothing is more effective at teaching proper position than the Power Stance by APV Golf. Used by many top teaching professionals such as David Leadbetter and Gene Hori, it features adjustable footpads. These allow golfers to quickly and effortlessly train the body for a consistent stance. It also comes with a DVD on how to improve alignment, weight transfer and ball position that often plague amateurs.


Editor's note: Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (, the worlds largest online golf store.