Unleashing Your Full Driving Potential in 08


Hitting a long and straight tee shot can do wonders for anyones score and confidence. Perhaps thats why club manufacturers have placed so much emphasis on driver technology in recent years, and golfers of all skill levels are reaping the benefits. Dont miss out on some of the latest and greatest big sticks of the 2008 season.
Nike Sumo SQ2 5900


The SQ2 5900 represents a step up for Nikes already-strong Sumo line, with a deeper face and improved body shaping which add ball speed and improved accuracy. The weight of the light titanium head is distributed to the corners thanks to Nikes Powerbow weighting system. This gives the club a USGA-maximum moment of inertia (MOI), as this square-shaped club offers unparalleled forgiveness on mis-hits.
Cleveland Mens HiBore XLS


The Hibore XLS features a 17-percent larger club face than its popular predecessor, the HiBore XL. Cleveland also beefed up the new model to include a 13-percent higher MOI, resulting in optimal launch over a large area of the face. In combination, these features allow golfers to hit straighter, longer shots even when the swing isnt perfect. The stability ridges along the sides and the crown plaque on top also make it easy to align the club at address.
Callaway FT-i Tour LCG


This square driver features a head made of ultra-light carbon-composite material so weight can be distributed to the extreme corners of the club. This helps make the FT-i Tour LCG the highest MOI of any Callaway driver to date. With this club, it is actually hard not to hit the ball straight. Additionally, the titanium face was designed using Callaways performance-enhancing VFT technology for explosive power to improve any golfers distance.
Cobra Speed LD F and Speed LD M


Cobras Speed LD series includes two different types of drivers ' the Speed LD M that caters to mid to high-handicappers, and the Speed LD F for more advanced players. Golfers with moderate swing speeds (76-97 MPH) should try the Speed LD M. It promotes extra high launch to add distance to any shot, and includes a built-in draw bias to correct slice and add distance. The Speed LD F is for golfers with faster swings (over 87 MPH) and is designed to create lower spin, so golfers can take more control of their shots.
Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com), the worlds largest online golf store.