Womens Sets Better Than Ever


Women who love golf demand the best out of their equipment because they know that not all club sets are created equal. The sets below are designed specifically for women looking for an added edge and a boost of confidence. Happy hunting!
Adams Ladies IDEA a3 OS Woods/Irons
The incredibly easy-to-hit Idea a3 OS set features boxer technology, creating a high moment of inertia (MOI) for excellent forgiveness and consistently long and accurate shots. Six hybrids replace traditional irons, making the game more fun for women of all skill levels. The No. 4-6 hybrids make those hard-to-hit long irons a thing of the past, while the No. 7-9 hybrids feature low-and-back weighting, promoting ideal launch conditions. This set is available in a variety of colors to match personal styles.

Callaway Ladies Gems Hybrid Woods/Irons
The GEMS Set was designed with input from women golfers and instructors and is specifically for beginners and high-handicappers. Each of the eight clubs features weighting that promotes a draw ball flight and high trajectories to help keep the ball in the air and increase distance. Standout sticks include the i-brids, which are irons with hybrid-like head designs and super wide soles to help them slide smoothly over varying surfaces.

Mizuno Ladies Sora Woods/Irons
This Mizuno collection was specifically designed for women in that all the club specifications are integrated for ease of play and designed to make the game more enjoyable. The set includes a powerful titanium driver for explosive distance, an easy-to-hit stainless steel hybrid and irons for a high launch and lots of forgiveness on mis-hits. Ladies are sure to love the Soras sporty look, highlighted by elegant baby blue and black trim.

Square Two HSL Golf
Square Two has been designing clubs exclusively for women since 1974, so the company knows what ladies expect out of their clubs. The HSL upholds that reputation by arguably delivering more forgiveness, longer distance and better accuracy than almost any set on the market. Three forgiving, wood-like hybrids replace outdated irons and promote stability, accuracy and a higher launch. The oversized, mallet-style putter features prominent sight lines for easy alignment.

Wilson Hope LX Woods/Irons
Wilsons Hope LX is a set designed with premium materials and the very best game improvement technology. The 400cc driver features an alignment aid and huge sweet spot for tremendous accuracy and forgiveness off the tee. The two hybrids replace the No. 3-4 irons and are designed to help get the ball airborne and instill confidence while the cavity-back irons produce better ball flight and more distance. A percentage of proceeds from Hope LX sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com), the worlds largest online golf store.