He Said


To say I learned a lot from my first experience on Big Break Disney Golf is an understatement. I didn't like the person I was on the golf course, and it was made clear after watching the show and hearing feedback from my family and friends. I decided to make a change, and it has been awesome. Don't get me wrong, I still get fired up from time to time, and I'm sure I always will, but I feel much better. Big Break Dominican Republic was a great challenge for me to test myself under intense pressure. I have had a lot of people holding me accountable—including fans of the show—so if I do get out of line, I usually have someone there to put me in my place pretty quickly, and I can always take a glance at the previous series to remind me of a place I don't want to be again.

To be honest, I have not been watching much of the show this season. On Tuesday’s episode, however, I do recall getting a little ticked off after being called back to the bench. I'm a competitor, and I wanted to keep going. But, once I settled down, I realized that it was the right decision for the team. And we need all the victories we can get. Some of these challenges are really fun, and sometimes you don't get to complete the entire challenge which bums me out. And in this season, we don't get to hit many shots, so I really just wanted to keep playing the game.

The greatest thing about this episode was Brian. He stepped up big time and killed this challenge. It was great for him and great for the team. Brian is a beauty. He is pure entertainment, and although he is hard to communicate with sometimes, he is a great guy and has a kind heart. He made the whole experience pretty awesome, even when we did get frustrated with him.

Elena being benched permanently is obviously a great thing for our team. She has a great swing, and once she starts dropping putts, she will be dangerous. At this point, whether the show has portrayed it or not, everyone has developed a friendship of some sort, so to see anyone going the bench permanently, boy or girl, is kinda sad. However, I wouldn't mind having the guys stay off the bench until the end.

Thanks everyone.