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“Fundamentals never change, it is my attention to the fundamentals that do.”

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is credited for this quote and the work ethic that backed up his illustrious career.

No matter what the sport, sound fundamentals are the backbone to a successful performance. One of golf’s most important fundamental is aim. This subject is often mistaken for club face without enough attention to where the body and ball are positioned.


Learn to aim just like the pros with simple visual and physical aid:

  • Brad Brewer Alignment DrillWhen you are practicing or warming up to play, build an alignment station by placing on the ground in front of you, a ball and three golf clubs in the following manner:
  • – With the first two clubs, imagine you're building a railroad track in the direction of the target. Take the first club and lay it down (above the ball), with the club head facing the target. We'll call this the outer rail.

– Take the second club and lay it down (below the ball), running parallel to the first club. We'll call this the inner rail.

– Take your final club and lay the grip perpendicular on the inner rail. Place a ball directly off the Brad Brewer Alignment Drillperpendicular line.


For best results using the Alignment Practice Station, do the following:

• Begin every shot from behind the ball, visualizing the outer rail going directly to the target and the inner rail being where you will align your body with feet, hips and shoulders all parallel to this inner rail.

• With the ball placed between the parallel lines and directly off the perpendicular line, your inside left heel should be somewhere between two to four inches from this line for most stock shots.

• Aim your body parallel to the inner rail and become aware of the target.

• Things might feel different and that’s okay. This is the time to become consciously aware of what you want changing your unconscious faulty habits.

• Repetition will make this new setup look and feel comfortable.

Brad Brewer Alignment Drill


Learn how you can do this with a short video clip! 

Click HERE to watch me demonstrate this simple tip to help you nail those short putts in the back of the cup.







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