Brad Brewer The Arnold Palmer Knee Knocker


Make those short putts with the Arnold Palmer 'Knee Knocker':

Tour pros sure make short putts look easy on TV! Use this simple short putt tip from my mentor, Arnold Palmer, to claim your short putts with confidence:

Brad Brewer - knee knocker tip

Brad Brewer - knee knocker tip











This tip is as simple as gently pushing your knees together for better lower body stability when facing a short putt.


Inward knee pressure can improve your putting performance by:

• Creating a solid lower body base with the weight distribution on the insides of your feet.

• Automatically centering your weight, which promotes the swing to bottom out into the center of the golf ball. This will improve your sweet spot strike and pure roll.

• Improving balance, because your head will stay steady, which allows the arms to swing together with the shoulders.


Learn how you can do this with a short video clip! 

Click HERE to watch me demonstrate this simple tip to help you nail those short putts in the back of the cup.


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