Brad Brewer The Draw Made Easy



Learning to shape your ball flight from right to left is as simple as setting up correctly and trusting the preset angles to make it happen. Most golfers who struggle to hit a draw have difficulty with the misconception that you shape it with excessive hand action. This causes inconsistency and often an out-of-control ball flight.

You can simplify your shot-shaping quest by setting up for a draw bias to control the ball flight without use of the hands. Try the following:


Brad Brewer - draw shot• Begin by aiming your body on the line you would like the ball to begin its flight.

• With the club in your left hand and right hand touching your right knee (opposite for left-handed golfers), aim the club face in the direction of your desired target.

• Holding these two aiming positions, place your right hand onto the club.

• Focus your swinging motion as you would normally to hit a straight shot, allowing the swing path and club face pre-sets to flow naturally from this position to cause the draw spin.




Brad Brewer - draw shot


Learn how you can do this with a short video clip! 

Click here to watch me demonstrate the draw shot with this method.








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